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Allman Brothers Band 07/09/80
Palladium, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums orig-ffp , ffp
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Source Summary source : fm broadcast > reel to reel > cassette > pc > flac
alternate source: fm broadcast > ? > cd > EAC > flac (patch of this Source
editing : Joe D'Amico ''aka'' Joebeacon 
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allman brothers band , palladium, new york, ny  7/9/80

source : fm broadcast > reel to reel > cassette > pc > flac
alternate source: fm broadcast > ? > cd > EAC > flac

editing : Joe D'Amico ''aka'' Joebeacon

disc 1 :
01-don't want you no more
02-it's not my cross to bear
03-can't take it with you
04-blue sky ( radio feed from show cut out at end of song )
05-need you love so bad
06-angeline ( radio feed from show cuts out for 2 seconds )
07-mystrey woman
08-i got a right to be wrong
09-try it one more time
10-statesboro blues ( had to splice the last 10 seconds from different fm source )
11-from the madness of the west
12-one way out

disc 2 :
02-whipping post
04-in memory of elizabeth reed ( spliced in part of this song from different fm source)
05-ramblin' man ( from different fm source )

this is my copy from cassette with parts spliced in from other fm source ......joe
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disc101-don't want you no more.flac:7f1b8bd3ee5b4c95baa66d220ae73b08
disc102-it's not my cross to bear.flac:acd75c7a28a5674aa190e0a0ba911251
disc103-can't take it with you.flac:761600423cbbfae6737015faf85464ce
disc104-blue sky.flac:ba892b8f1c27bf708a75e9b6175a7b71
disc105-need your love so bad.flac:425a68e73f9ca2ffdba69195dec636f8
disc107-mystery woman.flac:9e9aca82ddd6280b278218256eefd6e2
disc108-i got a right to be wrong.flac:cfad570efa648dfae4f4a540e3016c7a
disc109-try it one more time.flac:0c171cf6ad25244450392ab51fa4b702
disc110-statesboro blues.flac:e700edf87d014766beef56bb971bd319
disc111-from the madness of the west.flac:cbe369ba6eb5d80f8156963c6964c2d9
disc112-one way out.flac:a8b22a4d1d6b40f30c3f10c9f08e64b1
disc202-whipping post.flac:a79be1b5ef2216aeb1fbdb32960cb6d2
disc204-in memory of elizabeth reed.flac:9c4612217e4b498a2b66e21c6631d136
disc205-ramblin' man.flac:5bffb2eb81a716e651e44b61eec7e219
abb1980-07-09d1t01-don't want you no more.flac:7f1b8bd3ee5b4c95baa66d220ae73b08
abb1980-07-09d1t02-it's not my cross to bear.flac:acd75c7a28a5674aa190e0a0ba911251
abb1980-07-09d1t03-can't take it with you.flac:761600423cbbfae6737015faf85464ce
abb1980-07-09d1t04-blue sky.flac:ba892b8f1c27bf708a75e9b6175a7b71
abb1980-07-09d1t05-need your love so bad.flac:425a68e73f9ca2ffdba69195dec636f8
abb1980-07-09d1t07-mystery woman.flac:9e9aca82ddd6280b278218256eefd6e2
abb1980-07-09d1t08-i got a right to be wrong.flac:cfad570efa648dfae4f4a540e3016c7a
abb1980-07-09d1t09-try it one more time.flac:0c171cf6ad25244450392ab51fa4b702
abb1980-07-09d1t10-statesboro blues.flac:e700edf87d014766beef56bb971bd319
abb1980-07-09d1t11-from the madness of the west.flac:cbe369ba6eb5d80f8156963c6964c2d9
abb1980-07-09d1t12-one way out.flac:a8b22a4d1d6b40f30c3f10c9f08e64b1
abb1980-07-09d2t02-whipping post.flac:a79be1b5ef2216aeb1fbdb32960cb6d2
abb1980-07-09d2t04-in memory of elizabeth reed.flac:9c4612217e4b498a2b66e21c6631d136
abb1980-07-09d2t05-ramblin' man.flac:5bffb2eb81a716e651e44b61eec7e219

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