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Trey Anastasio 07/21/01
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
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Source # 105742 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell m210 > mv-100 > sbm-1 > d8; tascam da-20 mkII(master dat) > tacascam cd-rw2000 > eac(master cdr) > .shn; Taped & Transferred by Scott Ratzmann 
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Trey Anastasio
July 21st, 2001
Alpine Valley- East Troy, WI

source: Microtech Gefell m210>mv-100>sbm-1>d8
conversion: tascam da-20 mkII(master dat)>tacascam cd-rw2000>eac(master cdr)>.shn
taped/converted by [email protected]

Disc One
1. Push On Till The Day
2. Tube Top Wobble
3. Acting the Devil
4. Small Axe
5. Simple Twist Up Dave
6. At the Barbecue
7. Cayman Review

Disc Two
1. Last Tube
Set II
2. Moesha
3. Quantegy
4. Burlap Sack & Pumps
5. Money Love Change

Disc Three
1. Flock of Words
2. Mister Completely
3. At the Gazebo
4. Drifting
5. E: First Tube
Show Checksums
0c2008ac68ed7396e8ae9fc9e9192399 *trey2001-07-21d01t01.shn
053fb41e09846cb8e8e87e0504c68770 *trey2001-07-21d01t02.shn
ba74d62b39fe8f1425c6fb0af25bd0ae *trey2001-07-21d01t03.shn
93365505408348cde095b6e5130daa5e *trey2001-07-21d01t04.shn
3b51fef10e71d3781feb33114d135cef *trey2001-07-21d01t05.shn
16723e7015f10b97fbb7a2d4c4c47781 *trey2001-07-21d01t06.shn
17996fe489b0f0b98c592bcc09f06d25 *trey2001-07-21d01t07.shn
69d291e1083fd4364d16cffa9635f378 *trey2001-07-21d02t01.shn
7cb1b7de224527fc07485fe02be19230 *trey2001-07-21d02t02.shn
87c2daf7448f70e780205b61730e1f99 *trey2001-07-21d02t03.shn
5e5af9853a51857a69fef93060a41b5b *trey2001-07-21d02t04.shn
0c8c76d602e88f33357453532615cfdb *trey2001-07-21d02t05.shn
e6b1131c9979ae250d1a26d62b16588b *trey2001-07-21d03t01.shn
703b360d8e1698d9efb15f0c1aaff27d *trey2001-07-21d03t02.shn
5b36fe003dd4e3ca9ea68e9246c7405d *trey2001-07-21d03t03.shn
278f44fc34e6e0eff3065fed151c54ca *trey2001-07-21d03t04.shn
e32a6d69c3c142f64a07c8849b1d4232 *trey2001-07-21d03t05.shn

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