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Gov't Mule 12/08/95
Pearl Street Night Club, Northampton, MA
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Source Summary Source: SBD->DAT->Beta PCM
Playback: Beta PCM-> Sony F1 -> Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit -> FLAC Frontend (level 8) -> traders little helper 
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Govt Mule

Pearl St.
Northhampton, MA

Source: SBD->DAT->Beta PCM
Playback: Beta PCM-> Sony F1 -> Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) ->
Cooledit -> FLAC Frontend (level 8) -> traders little helper

Pygmy Twylyte >
Blind Man In The Dark
Grinnin' In Your Face >
Mother Earth
Rocking Horse
Temporary Saint
Kind Of Bird
Mr. Big
The Same Thing >
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam >
Painted Silver Light >
Trane >
St. Stephen jam >

Young Man Blues >
Good Morning Little School Girl >
Young Man Blues
Look On Yonder Wall *

Setlist Notes: * Gordie Johnson on guitar and Kelly Hoppe on harmonica from Big Sugar
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d31dfdf02ea52cb66f4814dbc85e3f2e *mule19951208 d1t01 Pygmy Twylyte.flac
17be0d00184692890dc7f201ab086002 *mule19951208 d1t02 Blind Man.flac
d2ff52ec790ce018cdedf830548cb1c7 *mule19951208 d1t03 Crowd.flac
80fd95d2c5da80ec59ad6adf183180e3 *mule19951208 d1t04 Grinnin In Your Face.flac
0d2f1aa0839791c50b5c944fe6962d29 *mule19951208 d1t05 Mother Earth.flac
6fc8227b4b2b749433198772c5bca41f *mule19951208 d1t06 Crowd.flac
85b6ebfa3d25d5203a84ddfc3cd7ab54 *mule19951208 d1t07 Rocking Horse.flac
cba4d232100c19993bc79c9efd6ed48a *mule19951208 d1t08 Temporary Saint.flac
e94b4be56715de13afbae72fa1ab7f5a *mule19951208 d1t09 Crowd.flac
a9d40884dcf9b00c31ea228f696a35e4 *mule19951208 d1t10 Kind Of Bird.flac
af7593188cf7c8ced47bbbb5a884a9c4 *mule19951208 d1t11 Mr Big.flac
96aad5ad057667119f16666c41ef7d28 *mule19951208 d1t12 Crowd.flac
13d82b69156b9285e8a990340e4fa5eb *mule19951208 d1t13 The Same Thing.flac
11174dce143315620f7988f73759334e *mule19951208 d1t14 Don't Step On The Grass.flac
1a599f96a0f1df7972dbfd60d89fe803 *mule19951208 d1t15 Painted Silver Light.flac
87900db3ca36314a291889ca9684655b *mule19951208 d2t01 Trane.flac
e745c134c2b728b94d94f1ceb2163ae9 *mule19951208 d2t02 St. Stephen Jam.flac
6c143a9fd39172af9ba5e88d45f41314 *mule19951208 d2t03 Trane.flac
db6c0f2f0458e50c12ba8364b445ee21 *mule19951208 d2t04 Mule.flac
65a606856df5c5467adadf21dfb67476 *mule19951208 d2t05 Intros.flac
f1aacc101a61d9d356f2bb24b663d78c *mule19951208 d2t06 Young Man Blues.flac
33d7ef6abb3e3523ee15a3caf6732eb9 *mule19951208 d2t07 Yonder Wall.flac

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