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North Mississippi Allstars 03/03/10
The Handlebar, Greenville, SC
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North Mississippi Allstars
The Handlebar
Greenville, South Carolina, USA
March 3, 2010

A Doodee Music Master Recording

"If it's a DOODEE, you know it's the SHIT®"
     - Stripeydave 2008

This post is all about freely sharing some great music, spreading the word about these bands, insreasing sales of their goods and attendance at their shows and having a little fun - please comply on all fronts.

To my great pleasure this was my second NMAS show inside two weeks. As expected got a varied setlist this time - over 1/3 of the show was different from the 2-20-10 Asheville show I saw. Another big difference - Al Gamble of The City Champs sat in on much more of the set. I really liked the atmosphere that Hammond B3 brings to a lot of the songs. You got covers here ranging from the usual suspects (RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough) to some surprises like Pops Staples, Blind Alfred Reed and The Mississippi Sheiks. This show also clocked in about 15 minutes longer than the Asheville gig. This band is a can't miss folks. Go see 'em. They carry the Uncle D guarantee in triplicate. Y'all enjoy!

01. Shake 'Em On Down
02. Drinkin' Muddy Water>
03. Sugartown
04. Lord Have Mercy
05. Shake (Yo Mama)>
06. All Night Long
07. I'd Love To Be A Hippy
08. Po Black Maddie >
09. Skinny Woman >
10. Drums >
11. Keep The Devil Down
12. Eyes @
13. Storm @
14. Psychedelic Sex Machine *
15. ML *
16. Why Am I Treated So Bad *
17. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live *
18. KC Jones *
19. Meet Me In The City @
20. Goin Down South @
21. When The Sun Goes Down @
22. Snakedrive @
23. Sittin' On Top Of The World
24. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down

Luther Dickinson - G/V
Cody Dickinson - D/G/V/Washboard
Chris Chew - B/V

@ = Al Gamble - K
* = Joe Restivo - G
      Al Gamble - K
      George Sluppick - D

Also on the bill - The City Champs

Trade only. Support The North Mississippi Allstars by buying their records and merchandise and attending their shows.

Special thanks to Ryan Kingsbury and Red Light Management for supporting the contribution and dedication of the taping community to NMAS.

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NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 03.flac:9854e4ec1ae2d2a40b096a4cec601a95
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 04.flac:9b71936f04f4495d196195649f2cd138
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 05.flac:e34e7022b4bd89dd81176f1f387874f3
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 06.flac:8aaedc348451a34742fdcf13cdc93e3a
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 07.flac:4b624b9628018a3055a68ebda1289950
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 08.flac:3bde527aff03000195bd6106c7d97348
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 09.flac:33ac83be236b03866c96edd322528d84
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 10.flac:f0ed5c23846cfcdc51f34c9ff25a2a7c
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 11.flac:3547b626469eb685c153797158fd8b25
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 12.flac:3082250f48d4fd503da2b58549d02c26
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 13.flac:f994eba359e4cd2fba4fb5b5bf8bb9dc
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 14.flac:6ffd05bd640f59221ec8bf200a399ca7
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 15.flac:ffc2dbc735d5d51ae7a6fa949973aaa3
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 16.flac:8506dad6180238c68d28e459200451c4
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 17.flac:bbbb7b6cc3c56b7dd0ac7f258c618644
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 18.flac:e5810dd3f972a8a01f7f3dd509cfc96d
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 19.flac:5c6a34508cbdea55d52571d5631268f8
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 20.flac:c146c7bacd0471d664f049ad82a9b717
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 21.flac:27d6e3008912734acb42497bc35e5387
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 22.flac:cff7d8473418d9f101c47066ac817921
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 23.flac:2ea06261a6f618c798754553c3fa9df7
NMAS 2010-3-3 Handlebar 24.flac:9c67dd01ba25690a14c588d52185fbc2

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