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Phish 12/16/95
Olympic Center, Lake Placid, NY
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary shn; 16/44.1; B&K4011; PCM R500> AES/EBU> ZA2> Cooledit> SHN; via John Tambroni? (or is this the same shn set possibly mentioned as seeded 6/14/00 by Mike Fischer?) 
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12-16-95 Olympic Center, Lake Placid, NY
PCM R500>AES/EBU>ZA2>Cooledit>SHN

Disc One
1: Buried Alive
2. AC/DC Bag
3. Fog That Surrounds
4. Ya Mar
5. The Sloth
6. The Divided Sky
7. Dog Faced Boy
8. Julius
9. Suzy Greenberg
10. II: Sample in a Jar

Disc Two
1. Reba
2. Scent of a Mule
3. Cavern
4. Mike's Song->
5. Simple->
6. Weekapaug Groove
7. The Squirming Coil

Disc Three
E: Fire

This Mike's Song -> Simple -> Weekapaug is what dreams are made of!
John Tambroni

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974e7c4b9930ce8b2365eb3c898197d1 *PH95-12-16D1T01.shn
193987750be0853ae29fc0934e06e16f *PH95-12-16D1T02.shn
62209279378831f15d824e3328191ca0 *PH95-12-16D1T03.shn
1caa568ff9f8d1b03388b23d9cd8cc9d *PH95-12-16D1T04.shn
636afdf6de06a3d15d9f16dd9dea86f6 *PH95-12-16D1T05.shn
dd155c69b6de82cfdd5391695a9d7c16 *PH95-12-16D1T06.shn
702fcfab1444d177c28a8a9ade163c6b *PH95-12-16D1T07.shn
38e37d7903964c8f2876949480dd9797 *PH95-12-16D1T08.shn
1c1a801a966cfbb58f945e745ad50ee8 *PH95-12-16D1T09.shn
9c983bb0677c84971e92d99cfbffca61 *PH95-12-16D1T10.shn
51a206087abed9a338310a2d5ae3ca7c *PH95-12-16D2T01.shn
e9b7fe4c6a85e30351a30e5f2e8a32f8 *PH95-12-16D2T02.shn
966950307073370595a367028aecb3f2 *PH95-12-16D2T03.shn
e2a6be3e2f0f58ebcad86d220cf297b6 *PH95-12-16D2T04.shn
b03d6b84dc850c33047b6ee81904a407 *PH95-12-16D2T05.shn
4bbb1319b595de314fd4e1e55fe6150f *PH95-12-16D2T06.shn
b8da18e0d134df41e4d7794339b8c32f *PH95-12-16D2T07.shn
d788ad99493c10e1ac22467925a47f9d *PH95-12-16D3T01.shn

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Date User Comment
12/01/2001 mattyrigs Great sound definitely recommend it!
10/14/2002 Daniel Shay Disc 2 and 3 will fit onto one 80 minute CD.