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Ween 04/06/10
The National, Richmond, VA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16: AKG461s(NOS)>MP-1s>PMD661(Oade WMOD)@24/48> Audacity(16/44)>CDWave(splits)>Flac 
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Richmond, VA

"The National"

(Left front corner of SBD riser, stand at 9')

AKG461s(NOS)>MP-1s>PMD661(Oade WMOD)@24/48>
Audacity(16/44)>CDWave(splits)>Flac Frontend(Level 6)

Recording and transfer by DATBRAD


d101 Crowd intro>
d102 Fiesta
d103 Take Me Away
d104 Transdermal Celebration
d105 Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
d106 Even If You Don't
d107 Bananas And Blow
d108 With My Own Bare Hands
d109 Learning To Love
d110 Piss Up A Rope*
d111 Buckingham Green
d112 Did You See Me?
d113 Roses Are Free
d114 Push Th' Little Daisies
d115 Your Party
d116 Freedom of '76
d117 Gabrielle
d201 Touch My Tooter
d202 I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot**
d203 Let's Dance***
d204 Someday
d205 Ocean Man >Ocean Man (Reprise, No Vocal)
d206 The Final Alarm^
d207 Zoloft >
d208 Big Jilm
d301 Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)^^


d302 Feedback Jam^^^ >
d303 Captain
d304 Mister Richard Smoker

* No Glenn solo, Mickey guitar solo
** With Intro Jam
*** David Bowie Cover, First Time Played
^ 1st Bar Played With Seemingly Accidental Alternate Groove
^^ With Outro Jam - Mickey dropped his guitar on the ground at the end, producing feedback which continued through the entire Encore Break and into the Encore
^^^ Aaron emerged alone onstage and noodled over the feedback still emanating from Mickey's guitar, the rest of the band eventually joined him

(Thanks to Kobi for the setlist)
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Ween 4-6-10 d304.flac:99a47f1a547cc20ac4b9700e0b77b115
Ween 4-6-10 d101.flac:c004c356b5992ddf41094515592ae540
Ween 4-6-10 d102.flac:bf15fc89397c3c8ca63959726f770499
Ween 4-6-10 d103.flac:b7c16c1e5dd0b0d9fa7f96c6c29370e4
Ween 4-6-10 d104.flac:faa33c6424c11fe827bab25a758e95c3
Ween 4-6-10 d105.flac:db58c8d3ace4ca47cd34afc6b5006f4e
Ween 4-6-10 d106.flac:2aa2fc6c73f8e9f40cce9c7df1e5ab11
Ween 4-6-10 d107.flac:35974a8c9046184fe586dcccf29c9b42
Ween 4-6-10 d108.flac:335347ba81bdfc25221033854915778b
Ween 4-6-10 d109.flac:eb2d0c9f8fa67953bd2155332ef0aa95
Ween 4-6-10 d110.flac:f589efbcabea0780819c406468d933b0
Ween 4-6-10 d111.flac:ba55d50d28701e77cd355d001e163ccc
Ween 4-6-10 d112.flac:3f56d87364c010f78f7be69441bf8b7f
Ween 4-6-10 d113.flac:ff0e37ef4c7c275d3f4f8f8e44cb6466
Ween 4-6-10 d114.flac:d42ae53f7878ace8d72ce1180b3e9612
Ween 4-6-10 d115.flac:833e0fc47da7b9c477cfc293b6379fc5
Ween 4-6-10 d116.flac:fddfb6f40fcc1cc43e717f8baa1bdba9
Ween 4-6-10 d117.flac:e3d7aa1728bb3fff534c45113c5cdc8e
Ween 4-6-10 d201.flac:d93dc96f1f25671115cdfab69bf93f6c
Ween 4-6-10 d202.flac:d07f1ab6b907da73d55d1955c37a3c1e
Ween 4-6-10 d203.flac:0ce98e2525e1994446b4224d57b2c604
Ween 4-6-10 d204.flac:7cd050d365d1d7dc671d875a0f812572
Ween 4-6-10 d205.flac:ddb39b4c78b615d066076f723eda6972
Ween 4-6-10 d206.flac:078c7bcec3cfd640800c51105005b8b2
Ween 4-6-10 d207.flac:235942cdc0ca21503e3fd1f1c54b30de
Ween 4-6-10 d208.flac:c0149ab6e29b988903cf9acd775c6aec
Ween 4-6-10 d301.flac:0beabb6f46b04f3c9b766f6b0734304e
Ween 4-6-10 d302.flac:5b2cc6902dfafb17105e556cde0f71de
Ween 4-6-10 d303.flac:e9505a516ce95161a4cba9ffd54599ad

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