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Ween 04/07/10
The Millenium Center, Winston-Salem, NC
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Source Summary flac16: Earthworks SR71's > Busman R-4 (WARM SIDE) > Audacity (Normalize, Dither) > WAV > CDWAV 1.97 > Audacity (fades) > FLAC  
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The Millenium Center
Winston-Salem, NC

Source: Earthworks SR71's > Busman R-4 (WARM SIDE) > Audacity (Normalize, Dither)
Location: FOB, DFC, at 7 feet
Transfer: WAV > CDWAV 1.97 >  Audacity (fades) > FLAC (level 8 / align SBE)
Taped By: kobi
Transferred By: nooch

01. Exactly Where I'm At
02. Marble Tulip Juicy Tree*
03. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
04. Bananas And Blow
05. The Grobe
06. Transdermal Celebration
07. Waving My Dick In The Wind
08. Object
09. Voodoo Lady > Kiss (Prince) > Voodoo Lady
10. Springtheme
11. Your Party
12. Learnin To Love
13. With My Own Bare Hands
14. Buckingham Green
15. Mutilated Lips
16. Pandy Fackler
17. Let's Dance (David Bowie)
18. Slow Down Boy**
19. Stroker Ace
20. You Fucked Up
21. The Goin Gets Tough From The Getgo
22. The Mollusk***
23. Polka Dot Tail
24. Baby Bitch
25. Roses Are Free
26. Fiesta
27. Buenas Tardes Amigo^

* Contained Up On Th' Hill

** Aaron pre-song: "Thank you SO MUCH Winston-Salem, we love you SO MUCH. We always look forward to coming here every year. Deaner and I we talk about it on the phone. He says 'So much love for us in Winston- Salem'...I said 'yeah man!'.... We wrote this song for's called Slow Down Boy.

*** Extended guitar solo by Aaron preceding the spoken section

^ Aaron shortened the verses substantially by omitting the pauses typically present between lines

seeded by nooch on browntracker 4/9/10
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Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t01.flac:49947564924aa4b182b7e1fbef1141ae
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t02.flac:fc5e77f5d0dad279d113b28b100c2ba9
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t03.flac:8716396da9f82c38e2bee4817ed2f8d2
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t04.flac:7c71bb2d3b7c145f71f7f041ff855119
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t05.flac:c021f624fc666a1deb3a350d25883372
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t06.flac:7452ef3cd9e806d88fb847ad0784976a
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t07.flac:4b084bc4255350436acac28098653a9f
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t08.flac:e211acb4d4c20bdba2bf6454d2c7c959
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t09.flac:344edae11547c338b5be3760183085ad
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t10.flac:38d88a0e74d4f88f01f7e0d4df789226
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t11.flac:63b09533718c7cef72ac2cfc37927379
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t12.flac:4e89bbb9cbbb2ead79cb0b866368254c
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t13.flac:fc71fc1307e03862610a7481284b8139
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t14.flac:2d4ed0dc8848c92bd36d60b682af36ce
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t15.flac:0582cba6dd69362ba316326f8ce0845e
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t16.flac:aa073d91ee1e3998724dd8d19696b288
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t17.flac:5dc8830ba632c83ba9e869ca1e406e67
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t18.flac:1d979f17542bafac2bbc9826133b2a3f
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t19.flac:70c522e960c24644f739710ec23f5873
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t20.flac:e81d8d8867c0c0806a2a151ee983d207
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t21.flac:68c6dfbbdfee0cfac58000e154e5b642
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t22.flac:7411179e5c973d3c5743a00dfe418acc
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t23.flac:bb7d4d378c15c9fb305c0c6e3a691b33
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t24.flac:c2b9528063611a46c055ce9b344e0f5a
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t25.flac:fd06ceb2bf0c73c1a053ea55c92de7b6
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t26.flac:c1b2ee143fa5b704d2dbbe5c01e30271
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t27.flac:504d9f9dea9a1b0c3ad110a33d7a79f6
Ween2010-04-07(Earthworks SR71)t28.flac:051eb38251a97af20935e0110d26de9c

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