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KVHW 08/28/99
Truckee Regional Park Amphitheatre, Truckee, CA
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary {onstage} Nak 700s (Blumlein) > Sony D5M > D7 (DAT); Transfer: Tascam DA-20 mkII (DAT) > Lucid PCI24 > Soundforge 4.5 & CDWav > SHN [no DAE] 
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Truckee Regional Park Ampitheatre
Truckee, CA

Source: Nak 700's Blumlein > Sony D5M as mic preamp > D7 > DAT
Transfer: Tascam DA-20 mkII > Lucid PCI24 digital soundcard > Soundforge 4.5 > CDWav > SHN

Disk 1:
Set I
1. Intro/Tuning
2. Instrumental
3. Sea Blues (w/ words)
4. Shotgun House
5. Bad Hair
6. My Favorite Things
7. Tuning
8. In Time

Disk 2:
Set II
1. Intro/Tuning
2. Five B/4 Funk
3. Spring Water
4. Kissin' the Boo Boo
5. A New Africa

6. Crowd
7. Ring Around the Moon
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0a4ab47a508c597d78799bf5a08dca3f *KVHW199-08-28d1t1.shn
445142a74198a4f3ab0aaa03fac2ca53 *KVHW199-08-28d1t2.shn
b8d015a6798977c7cf1f06b7f0fbb1c9 *KVHW199-08-28d1t3.shn
d89b42ae95d45be10b35d34649cfe1be *KVHW199-08-28d1t4.shn
a039eac2881f054c5ad593dcc1216196 *KVHW199-08-28d1t5.shn
4d5cb7c589ceeb05f91fc42325ccee65 *KVHW199-08-28d1t6.shn
43d446e21c3e44a57542a22e469b8ac0 *KVHW199-08-28d1t7.shn
e6959390622912300fccd7d49da1189e *KVHW199-08-28d1t8.shn

1d32aeff2b91bc161c4b1ef1f106da8e *KVHW199-08-28d2t1.shn
6f420ad851e7edc67e83e7c8b068c412 *KVHW199-08-28d2t2.shn
2cfba1d773a11e1cf651a7714272400e *KVHW199-08-28d2t3.shn
51228058b4416b06590e63375cfe7b71 *KVHW199-08-28d2t4.shn
920e773101af94220eb57e6588a9300f *KVHW199-08-28d2t5.shn
c5171fbd38d1a0d3ee2454cec21ca3cb *KVHW199-08-28d2t6.shn
a6385b211c8ad032e5c3fc08d6a858ed *KVHW199-08-28d2t7.shn

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03/22/2006 Bill Mitchell the database md5s have a flaw. the file names are missing the last 9 in the year. example:

0a4ab47a508c597d78799bf5a08dca3f *KVHW199-08-28d1t1.shn

just open the md5 file in a text editor and add the missing 9 on each line.

the source sounds very nice. there is diginoise at 9:06-08 d2t2.

for the record, this is one sweet venue, mountains and pines for a backdrop, grassy lawn to sit on, and always very cool fans.