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Ween 10/28/09
The Valarium, Knoxville, TN
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16: AKGs483s>Lunatec V3 Spdif>R44 Oade (Concert Mod) (24/96)>SDHC>DBP 16/44>Wav Merge>CdWav>Flac 
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October 28th 2009
The Valarium

Source:AKGs483s>Lunatec V3 Spdif>R44 Oade (Concert Mod) (24/96)
Transfer: SDHC>DBP 16/44>Wav Merge>CdWav>Flac 8
Recorded by: Chris King

Disc 1

02.Buckingham Green
03.Spinal Meningitis
04.Bananas And Blow
05.Piss Up A Rope
06.Voodoo Lady
07.Your Party
08.Did You See Me
09.Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
10.Take Me Away
11.Transdermal Celebration
12.Even If You Don't

Disc 2

14.Exactly Where I'm At
15.Mutilated Lips
16.Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
17.Roses Are Free
18.Learnin' To Love
19.My Own Bare Hands
20.Waving My Dick In The Wind
21.Johnny On The Spot
22.Help My Pony
23.Mr Richard Smoker
24.Fat Lenny

Disc 3

25.Pandy Fackler
26.The Mollusk
27.Ocean Man
28.Touch My Tooter
32.Big Jilm
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Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st01.flac:71b414da423abe7abab30420346cd023
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st02.flac:973f4eea20220e5ac4973c485fca8318
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st03.flac:5e87137ce010a9ccd8a2c11b88cb3394
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st04.flac:e814e4e21f2d883b09581f5b0e837e9c
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st05.flac:9fdf0b2f2426a4fa4f47fe8a699f30f3
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st06.flac:c2977f4067855653f4e6b7f19859af7e
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st07.flac:0716bf136f5430cdda978917ecfff71b
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st08.flac:31a20136ea2d307923c3b886ada52afc
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st09.flac:07445a5d5fc5110ba35c4d92cd6a82f5
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st10.flac:c7fbda70ddb7c768d9bf5970b516ca8d
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st11.flac:38f1e59cd1c703ba68158dfbdb66f817
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st12.flac:f937da7f7cb13f97ae5e7f3a8457263f
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st13.flac:8ebbce214b95a7f299fba662a532e4fa
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st14.flac:27320f9f48288e74ac6a62ad8ef94717
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st15.flac:f094a4d4de32bf13dfd5e175cb275174
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st16.flac:60291072571916d6fd68b363f0015a8a
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st17.flac:0dddfe9469b36617b86330e797975d79
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st18.flac:6f513b34a90ea0e98f562c5c57e9328b
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st19.flac:549d62aab95d83a99a8886f1bc9c10fc
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st20.flac:6628696b6b344974dc4bc381043cb257
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st21.flac:871d94e1458a3d9dda946fd54c48a04b
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st22.flac:b2c3212b63a2b1ce16b3c46bf5c021d5
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st23.flac:498fa8862de6503b25aa32e14b2e4661
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st24.flac:1365c979c27e1b51c13b710461d815b2
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st25.flac:78d4e5b55bddee9adc519e8d99c5b7ec
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st26.flac:3a307181223729de241a7c09ab3b1ffc
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st27.flac:be8f5dbda2b6d8bc1e0982fd0496fb75
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st28.flac:f4c4658764449e7c31ddc69a273c455f
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st29.flac:99b58a29c69eecb08a04e67589879572
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st30.flac:bc6d24fd5be1d560046e703ba239115d
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st31.flac:fb746256a78f748611cc451e362d15f9
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st32.flac:cb0ae053b8967b46520a4ac6fb1a71b1
Ween 2009-10-28 AKG 483st33.flac:f98b34fdef31db9aea6584f8e5b0eb30

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