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Disco Biscuits 03/29/97
Cavanaugh's, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary AKG461 (Analog Cassette Master); Transfer: Sony TC-KE500S>Lunatec V2>AD2K+>DIO-2448>Cool Edit 2000>CDWav; Taped by Mark Foundos; Transferred and Encoded by Daniel Ritchey  
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The Disco Biscuits 03/29/97
Cavanaugh's - Philadelphia, PA

Source: AKG461 (Analog Cassette Master)
Transfer: Sony TC-KE500S>Lunatec V2>AD2K+>DIO-2448>Cool Edit 2000>CDWav
Taped by Mark Foundos
Transferred and Encoded by Daniel Ritchey

Tape Flips at beginning of South Of The Border Pussy
and just prior to Awol's Blues.

Disc 1  1x80
1. Banter  
2. Pygmy Twylyte
3. Banter          
4. Morph Dusseldorf
5. My Lady Survives
6. Rainbow Song
7. Texas Pussy >
8. Nughuffer >    
9. Texas Pussy >    
10. Nughuffer
11. South Of The Border Pussy
12. Banter
13. Trooper McCue >
14. Whipping Post >
15. Basis For A Day

Disc 2  1x74
1. Banter
2. Aquatic Ape
3. Boogie Stop Shuffle
4. Aceetobee >
5. Vassillios >
6. Aceetobee
7. Awol's Blues
8. Shem-Rah Boo
9. Banter
10. Stone >
11. Jamillia

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7198bf5f041e6efac594b8cead78ed19 *db97-03-29d1t15.shn
1ff0fa32db58c8eecefdec7fd42de78d *db97-03-29d1t02.shn
bdeb59cefedc940da57ed0641dee99a7 *db97-03-29d1t03.shn
03fc8d4bdc42a370cb1d2ab46abf1a94 *db97-03-29d1t04.shn
5ca2a419a39acfeac704c3fced06422f *db97-03-29d1t05.shn
f5cb6cfbed5ec74fdb494f60a7fdb5d6 *db97-03-29d1t06.shn
ef6d3de71d3c9b7172a77a54ac98c42f *db97-03-29d1t07.shn
740f4ce955b66e7946798c95aa54be71 *db97-03-29d1t08.shn
93ac1917b3b5a6fb2eaa99114da3b80d *db97-03-29d1t09.shn
71494aa2059f75240922f342d8bdecff *db97-03-29d1t10.shn
d938eda058072a0f5ac7b7694e172894 *db97-03-29d1t11.shn
eaf786281de463599049b5983b4ef3f1 *db97-03-29d1t12.shn
395eb492277451ac1571f7998522ca9a *db97-03-29d1t13.shn
9ed8eca52d49076cef4e845238f835a7 *db97-03-29d1t14.shn
b4e5a2b3d76b9b6f9757e2c8677f17fd *db97-03-29d1t01.shn
2ebf0c0a154229860caa38a842975fce *db97-03-29d2t11.shn
4963ea8464c064ca9df8363a5b569979 *db97-03-29d2t02.shn
f055281767181e32a2611e2fbfeae30e *db97-03-29d2t03.shn
f1d839c7deb924fde30b5a8522ac37b2 *db97-03-29d2t04.shn
058a457a23d25fad45676ce264d9bb31 *db97-03-29d2t05.shn
c642a3fe481400c3e6297b89b7146ca2 *db97-03-29d2t06.shn
0fa9a9640f83800dfe017043cf023d31 *db97-03-29d2t07.shn
cb0e91c92734460a6ce7acd03423c618 *db97-03-29d2t08.shn
cc095373362b7c547f5bcc174bf535e4 *db97-03-29d2t09.shn
20b675f7e62a7096bd33899eb77d70e7 *db97-03-29d2t10.shn
3fafd0c5b3e42c6377d1ec1af1e1b462 *db97-03-29d2t01.shn

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