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Disco Biscuits 04/13/02
Paramount Theater, Asbury Park, NJ
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Unknown Audience; Transfer: Sony PCM-R500->DIO-2448->Samplitude 5.55->CDWav->SHN; Transferred and Encoded by Jon Goldberg 
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The Disco Biscuits
April 13, 2002
The Paramount - Asbury Park, NJ

Source: Unknown Audience
Transfer: Sony PCM-R500->DIO-2448->Samplitude 5.55->CDWav->SHN
Transferred and Encoded by Jon Goldberg

Disc 1 1x80 (76:44)
Set I
1. Banter
2. Spectacle
3. Bernstein And Chasnoff
4. Reactor ->
5. Shelby Rose* ->
6. Reactor
7. Pilin' It High
8. House Dog Party Favor

Disc 2 1x74 (53:09)
Set II
1. Banter
2. The Tunnel
3. The Very Moon** ->
4. Save The Robots**

Disc 3 1x74 (72:03)
Set II (con't.)
1. Svenghali ->
2. Hot Air Balloon
3. crowd noise
4. Floes ->
5. Svenghali
6. Izzo (H.O.V.A.) Jam
7. Al.One opening set with members of the Biscuits 4/13/02.

* = Inverted version.
** = With Al Schnier of moe. on keyboards.
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d1d13a572ef163f42ef6649b47cfffab *db02-04-13d105.shn
1f8b6bf4fc313a744792fc551b869896 *db02-04-13d102.shn
56a2f78a80e7f53c808ed3cb487ea7bf *db02-04-13d103.shn
a74af11c43e10f912472767b36387d2c *db02-04-13d104.shn
8c73487edcad5eabb4077f45873e6867 *db02-04-13d106.shn
9fe5f8f3af4d57c0f48d6e353e75651c *db02-04-13d107.shn
3f1b192df104949501697c51a0310fe9 *db02-04-13d101.shn
931e6c7906d3dc4b958acbcd5d147459 *db02-04-13d108.shn
68cd9f5b1f4b5b7ce2c9258dbf746637 *db02-04-13d2t04.shn
9f49fffd8b70a8ee749a17b88b8513c4 *db02-04-13d2t02.shn
76eec226b5ffe908f592a3e9338a0200 *db02-04-13d2t03.shn
478e3f385f3d166b46f59022adfd7aba *db02-04-13d2t01.shn
8b5561f011f2b54795c0d23e2f09c614 *db02-04-13d3t04.shn
77c15c01986105661837cb6289a828ff *db02-04-13d3t02.shn
42412adce42b1f641a4fae70d6159f74 *db02-04-13d3t03.shn
e714f73660f00cbc59cefa40eaab7239 *db02-04-13d3t01.shn
d2081c0910887e3400fc4f15b62dc497 *db02-04-13d3t05.shn
c8768df218f93fbeecae126d2ec7ec56 *db02-04-13d3t06.shn
eadec388a5e3cafc3e8506cd0a6ac6fb *db02-04-13d3t07.shn

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07/15/2004 Mike Pederson Source originally circulated with sector boundary errors--d2t1, d3t6,7. d2t1 and d3t6 were fixed, and d3t7 was fixed separately, all resulting in new d2 and d3, for uploading to the LlaMA. Also, files were renamed according to Y2K schema.