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Phish 06/17/90
Wendell Studios, Boston, MA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Studio > Cass/x > D8 > S/PDIF > SF XP > CDR > EAC > SHN; via Patrick Metsker, Ben Mohr; to offer; fits on 1 shn disc with 7/30/88; see info file for fix notes, plus public comments 
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Wendell Studio Session 2

Source: Studio > Cass/x > D8 > S/PDIF > SF XP > CDR > EAC > SHN

Seeded by Patrick Metsker ([email protected])
Fixes by Ben Mohr ([email protected])

Disc 1:        (55:57)
1. TMWSIY >        (04:14)
2. Avenu Malkenu >     (03:11)
3. TMWSIY        (01:58)
4. Tweezer        (09:29)
5. Possum          (08:04)
6. Harry Hood        (10:47)
7. Rift*        (04:14)
8. Runaway Jim        (05:49)
Filler: Bearsville Studios 1995
9. Glide II        (04:29)
10. Strange Design     (03:05)
11. Grind        (00:37)

* slow version

-Normalized session to 98%.
-Retracked disc so that beginning of song coincides with the start of the track.
-Cool Edit Pro hiss reduction filter applied set as a notch filter above 15 kHz by 5 dB.
-Removed click at t6 0:08
-Removed static at t7 3:09 (0.005 s)
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e68c8aaa44de7a189e44ef1aad5453aa *ph90-06-17t09.shn
93bc1d42f02a9147000b8df20b18d114 *ph90-06-17t02.shn
cb7a0399378c1f26be69740bd7dc17ae *ph90-06-17t01.shn
68679fcdacbf791b1a213023cfc97761 *ph90-06-17t03.shn
33f71f28fcc0d6cbf50f87c7efd7183c *ph90-06-17t04.shn
135829ade538376aec2df2b2a638d45d *ph90-06-17t05.shn
1c048c21082f3c5bed65f3a07c38c48c *ph90-06-17t06.shn
74be3640e29fa2b6c164501558cbd0fa *ph90-06-17t07.shn
384b44c2433325a4b7fabfce7c152658 *ph90-06-17t08.shn
07cea7ae3c32b1ca5a5e111643f1df15 *ph90-06-17t11.shn
b0d51075b2d4d6170e15c965f450b197 *ph90-06-17t10.shn
e196c8cb7d9d68ab7e6b9719520af0cb [shntool] ph90-06-17t01.shn
e1d79a84a2cb8c26cf421f960a97d665 [shntool] ph90-06-17t02.shn
0a600dab6658c828ca349481baff617c [shntool] ph90-06-17t03.shn
eaa5b24f1c7a235f421b64af3a458129 [shntool] ph90-06-17t04.shn
2625971b1d8e95c30d78f91c0387e147 [shntool] ph90-06-17t05.shn
439775ee558a57e0e4025d1ab02a158f [shntool] ph90-06-17t06.shn
e3a058f972120eb4a8d4fdde21da1efa [shntool] ph90-06-17t07.shn
c3cd62fdbdbdb28bde9d518c854b5ab2 [shntool] ph90-06-17t08.shn
da018316b4eb135acb18cee8c2326192 [shntool] ph90-06-17t09.shn
ee4753ad358e4e332b990f684e82270f [shntool] ph90-06-17t10.shn
5eb41bc6a0467371369f0c561add9ccb [shntool] ph90-06-17t11.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Studio > Cass/x > D8 >... (0) Complete sessions; SBD; CDR... (1) Studio SDB > ??? > CD-R >... (2)
Date User Comment
10/12/2000 Herschel The tracks are not split on sector boundaries. It's not a big deal in this case,
since the track breaks for this disc occur when the band isn't playing (and there's no
crowd noise), but there is still background noise during the quiet sections which may be
enough to cause audible clicks when the burning software corrects the track breaks.

You have been warned. :)

10/12/2000 Herschel Oh, and the "Untitled" song (track 11) is actually "Grind."