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Medeski Martin & Wood 06/18/00
City Stages, Birmingham, AL
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Entered by duggy
Checksums shn-md5
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Source Summary shn; AT815R shotguns > AKG B18 > SBM-1 > d8; Taper: Clay Dunbar; Transfer: M1 > philips cdr870 standalone > CD > EAC > shn; via Lee Stanley; note track marks don't coincide with songs; clicks between tracks 2/3, 5/6, 8/9- shntool shows no tracks on sector boundaries; retracked version later in circulation 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
June 18, 2000
City Stages
Birmingham, AL

Source: AT815R shotguns > AKG B18 > SBM-1 > d8
Taper: Clay Dunbar
Transfer: M1 > philips cdr870 > EAC > shn

1. Macha
2. end of Macha> Partido Alto
3. Partido Alto> beginning of AOR
4. Acht O'Clock Rock
5. We Are Rolling> Improv>
6. We Are Rolling return> couple drumbeats Sequel
7. Sequel, applause
8. applause, Shacklyn Knights, applause, Start/Stop>
9. Start/Stop cont'd>, couple drumbeats Blue Pepper>
10. Blue Pepper
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28111b7699ba577905f974ac98907ec4 *mmw00-06-18d1t01.shn
954ebe9d6d2d3e1842aa0a65cf6cadd4 *mmw00-06-18d1t02.shn
6b389608ec325924803ebb38e8608528 *mmw00-06-18d1t03.shn
3882df2632529c11a8b39329429c3287 *mmw00-06-18d1t04.shn
7ab7ffe18483058b70a7d4670a5a9baa *mmw00-06-18d1t05.shn
499999c5c86a298c3359fa842016ac6e *mmw00-06-18d1t06.shn
c92849385254c20168890af9ffcfff3c *mmw00-06-18d1t07.shn
76a1d837f9c816d3fe63b7ecb82fd105 *mmw00-06-18d1t08.shn
155e5e9e67615d66c07d79eb666a410e *mmw00-06-18d1t09.shn
0cd1b15fad0c2c14b34b39cff67bc9b6 *mmw00-06-18d1t10.shn

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shn; AT815R shotguns... (2) flac16; Schoeps mk4... (0)
Date User Comment
08/15/2000 Jakob I was there (along side Clay) and I must add that he did an EXCEPTIONAL job considering the circumstances (good 100 feet between mics and the stacks, rain, noisy/drunk/uninterested/alabama crowd, etc...) Also, tracking MMW shows is a challenging art. I bet no two people would ever track a MMW show the same way. Not a bad recording AT ALL!
08/16/2000 Diana Hamilton I concur with Jakob about the recording quality.
I was wondering about the bass end while listening the first time on headphones-
but it turned out those headphones just weren't up to the job of covering Chris's range!
Listen to this one on *big* speakers. :)