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Phish 08/09/87
Nectar's, Burlington, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary unknown AUD > CDR > EAC > SHN (maria) 
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August 9, 1987
Nectar's - Burlington, VT

Source: unknown AUD > CDR > EAC > SHN (maria)

Disk 1
Set I
01. Golgi Apparatus
02. Slave to the Traffic Light
03. La Grange
04. The Chase > Possum
05. Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley
06. Timber (Jerry)
07. Good Times Bad Times
**Missing AC/BC Bag
08. //Shaggy Dog
09 Funky Bitch

Set II:
10. The Curtain With
11. Halley's Comet
12. The Sloth
Disk 2
01. Light Up or Leave Me Alone
02. Skin it Back//
** Missing Peaches en Regalia
** Missing Fluffhead
03. Fee
** Missing Harry Hood
** Missing Harpua
** Missing Suzy Greenberg

04. David Bowie//
** Missing remain 3rd set

Show Notes:
This show marked the first known appearances of La Grange, The Curtain With, Divided Sky, Fee, Harpua, and The Sloth.

Show Checksums
0efdd67031709015759ca9dd29d5b266 *ph1987-08-09.d2t02.shn
f0491e18f8b88937b0aaaee47aced220 *ph1987-08-09.d2t03.shn
80c3581f7bc93a8811b24ba86aa8dc7c *ph1987-08-09.d2t04.shn
59ec08f3131862a5e37338d0a9524643 *ph1987-08-09.d1t01.shn
7b1e5e88aae8486b6242e44b31a4ac90 *ph1987-08-09.d1t02.shn
d4b8e0cd283609804cdb99bfe8e0bd5c *ph1987-08-09.d1t03.shn
2948c62ee41948f2dad312dbad2798cd *ph1987-08-09.d1t04.shn
a0e49f6d9e09b4beab48afc53f761021 *ph1987-08-09.d1t05.shn
4de6ecc4062e5ca1bd8d054d36a8ceda *ph1987-08-09.d1t06.shn
a9061f8bcd2e23b9fbd43f50b15630f5 *ph1987-08-09.d1t07.shn
b89c3782bcb2266104873df0eb09d586 *ph1987-08-09.d1t08.shn
febf5fe83b36a9cd0a07147884531b73 *ph1987-08-09.d1t09.shn
cae78e6f03cd0eacb88f8c0f40548a84 *ph1987-08-09.d1t10.shn
ac843bdc7c2cdd3fcb3d558689fa4ae5 *ph1987-08-09.d1t11.shn
2c1a8b0650083d82a4566d0f2fa9bccb *ph1987-08-09.d1t12.shn
1a39c74c81e72d594c5dbf64b7bfd4ca *ph1987-08-09.d2t01.shn
936ec375da8d1b1ee4de1ab7208d766b [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t01.shn
22d99c5f008d12aff9c29d9eb95cb7a6 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t02.shn
8257d04b669cfef2bfb037a26587e95d [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t03.shn
ce2bf6898b0e92159a4cb1bd1ee1bad9 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t04.shn
110788021c942d2d8da15ade160d8772 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t05.shn
4572020c8c4d1df323c617b62a09a353 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t06.shn
fbd1d3ebf8e7eb8eca48aff7ca612ac0 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t07.shn
5c1b4a72054a21db8b6073b8982401d2 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t08.shn
61d34555dd8a67ac738aa17f26c33fd6 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t09.shn
fa028a90702c78a8f0d9614f75ce050a [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t10.shn
a289bc885500164144b7fe23799db8f5 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t11.shn
78807d3e54bf9577922cd3d6742f74c0 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d1t12.shn
e9389cb157d2577b29eede067a8290e2 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d2t01.shn
4f425e66441113cf6d4f59bba3285cf3 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d2t02.shn
992b5c7c4158c2ea11f79951be6464b9 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d2t03.shn
8a5937e72ce56580bf7172cbb20c89a8 [shntool] ph1987-08-09.d2t04.shn

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