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Medeski Martin & Wood 05/06/00
Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, LA
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Entered by duggy
Checksums flac-md5
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Source Summary flac16; Source: Neumann TLM170s(cardoid, FOB) -> Sonosax -> Teac DAP20 (16 bit, 48khz, EMPHASIS ON); Transfer: Sony R500->Sound Devices 722; Mastered: Soundforge Pro 10.0b  
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Medeski, Martin, and Wood
Saenger Theatre
New Orleans, LA

Neumann TLM170s(cardoid, FOB) -> Sonosax -> Teac DAP20 (16 bit, 48khz, EMPHASIS ON)

Transfer: Sony R500->Sound Devices 722

Mastered: Soundforge Pro 10.0b - *All file manipulation in Soundforge done at 24 bits* Sample rate conversion 48khz to 44.1khz using iZotope 64-Bit SRC set higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter. 24 bit file then processed with SOX 14.3.1 (as recommended, keeping the file at 24 bits during the processing) to remove pre-emphasis which was applied by the Teac A>D converter. Then back to Soundforge for minor loud clap removal, volume normalization and finally dithered back to 16 bits using using iZotope MBIT+ with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings. Tracked in CDWav.


01.  [00:15] - 'crowd'
02.  [07:45] - Philly Cheese Blunt >
03.  [03:14] - Improv >
04.  [05:31] - Shacklyn Knights >
05.  [08:20] - The Lover >
06.  [10:31] - Open Improv >
07.  [05:12] - Partido Alto >
08.  [03:44] - Brigas Nunca Mais >
09.  [02:25] - Drum Solo >
10.  [06:05] - We Are Rolling
11.  [01:27] - 'banter - inviting out Henry Butler'
12.  [08:20] - Improv *
13.  [04:06] - Improv * >
14.  [07:28] - Note Bleu *
15.  [01:16] - 'banter - Henry Butler appreciation, band intros'
16.  [09:26] - Chinoiserie
17.  [03:33] - Ancora >
18.  [04:22] - Felic >
19.  [06:38] - Just Like I Pictured It >
20.  [05:40] - Blue Pepper
21.  [02:07] - 'band intros/thanks/encore break'
22.  [12:40] - Swamp Road
23.  [00:54] - 'crowd'

Total recording time (2:00:58)

Corey Harris/Henry Butler duo opened

* = w/Henry Butler on piano

I attempted to clean up momentary bass distortion coming out of the PA 4:50 into track 4, but couldn't do much about it

Transferred, Mastered, and Tracked by Scott Bernstein (5/23-27/2010).

Taper notes:
Ah, Jazzfest 2000, more than 10 years gone at this point. The Saenger Theater -- what a great place to see one of your favorite bands! Everything was pretty great about it -- the vibe, the decor, the sound, the sightlines, etc. Too bad it's gone now.

BARN46 features one of my long-term favorite crossover jazz/jambands, Medeski Martin and Wood, performing a nighttime show during Jazzfest 2000. I got there early enough to get situated right in the sweet spot which my buddy Bill Mulvey had already staked out (the place was general admission seating) and to see the Corey Harris/Henry Butler duo, which was super tasty (I'm trying to dig up that recording but I'm having a little trouble locating it in the BARN -- you definitely want to hear it!). As I listened to it I was struck by how killer this recording sounds. If you ever had any question as to whether MMW as mixing their sound in Stereo or Mono at the time, put on your headphones and the answer will be totally clear -- you can hear the drums panned in stereo, as well as stereo piano keys for each ear. A true sonic treat, thanks to the sound mixing wizardry of Philip Harvey, their old FOH sound engineer. Also, pretty amazingly, the crowd around me was super quiet, rare for a New Orleans show....

MMW proceeded to put on a really good one-setter, with local legend Henry Butler sitting in for a few songs. That they did perform 2 Ellington tunes in the set, which is quite strong. They finish off with their encore "Swamp Road" which is played off mic and without the nature of the PA system.

I've still got a few more New Orleans Jazzfest shows coming down the pipeline, so keep your eyes and ears open....


Show Checksums
4345f671a3fce57e83728b2d0c6d4491 *mmw2000-05-06t01.flac
a1e386821b8b40d9006c2fe9e21d5488 *mmw2000-05-06t02.flac
7d9d4cf6aabf93b9ee131ccfaa135a0c *mmw2000-05-06t03.flac
33e43af28ca4f2fb509b59b08fdb43b3 *mmw2000-05-06t04.flac
f5785d7248bee5f554b2f4087d21015b *mmw2000-05-06t05.flac
98fa7a9c667de95beac51bd07a46d052 *mmw2000-05-06t06.flac
0a0a8314ec919a303e82bdc98e525339 *mmw2000-05-06t07.flac
20591730d9190ceb4d0a2c600c9ebcc2 *mmw2000-05-06t08.flac
cfdf5f7e785f55bc84848b42548c9d51 *mmw2000-05-06t09.flac
d134b2c01546cd1ed257712c53f1373f *mmw2000-05-06t10.flac
ae9d25f725b83462ff33269be94a5db6 *mmw2000-05-06t11.flac
b99998239236bd6adc716429f583d876 *mmw2000-05-06t12.flac
fca76ab2faded1fc2031caeba0dff0d5 *mmw2000-05-06t13.flac
cc57022cdf1e5e52771cc6ace50d86d4 *mmw2000-05-06t14.flac
39e5f25d03883cc09be0dc13fdea1fc0 *mmw2000-05-06t15.flac
9d1230cde49e160f3cffe22869567aee *mmw2000-05-06t16.flac
94f6d2d9c2ac5999a472b79edb131649 *mmw2000-05-06t17.flac
a8c57e1c3966d42b6e1584d98508b6dc *mmw2000-05-06t18.flac
f8c46d8809879e8a68df11e3828218e3 *mmw2000-05-06t19.flac
062dae9dc5d2c4ec0a1fae81c3583ff6 *mmw2000-05-06t20.flac
79fb3ea45a05ccc426ff69db74f34514 *mmw2000-05-06t21.flac
8205826a065d8a4dd8267bc09618e072 *mmw2000-05-06t22.flac
7c7cf1d45894c50c3b12aeb15c9b3b12 *mmw2000-05-06t23.flac

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07/07/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)

Quite certain the first two tracks with Henry Butler are indeed Improv -- if you recognize these as songs, please speak up!