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Phish 06/12/09
Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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From The Archives
Bonnaroo Festival
Manchester, TN

Broadcast #1: June 12, 2009

Hosted By: Kevin Shapiro

Source: Pre-FM

Distributed By: - & @yemblog

1. Destiny Unbound (5/31/2009 @ Fenway Park, Boston MA)
2. Born Under Punches (10/31/1996 @ The Omni, Atlanta GA)
3. Kevin Speaks
4. Sabotage (8/16/1998 @ The Lemonwheel, Limestone ME)
5. Kevin Speaks
6. Ghost (5/22/2000 @ Radio City Music Hall, New York NY)
7. Kevin Speaks
8. Lengthwise (11/19/1992 @ St. Michael's, Colchester VT)
9. Kevin Speaks
10. Sneakin' Sally (9/28/1999 @ Oak Mountain, Pelham AL)
11. Kevin Speaks
12. Tweezer (11/23/1994 @ Fox Theatre, St. Louis MO)
13. Kevin Speaks
14. Llama (10/18/1994 @ Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN)
15. Kevin Speaks
16. After Midnight (12/31/1999 @ Big Cypress)
17. Kevin Speaks
18. Born to Run (7/16/1999 @ PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel NJ)
19. Radio Bonnaroo Station Announcement

Show Checksums
4f3de85d78ca3ee7f782459bb6160f25 *D1-01 Destiny Unbound (5-1-99 Fenway Park -Boston, MA).flac
2de6d017fe85e53d5f5fc1b8e1b64214 *D1-02 Born Under Punches (10-31-96 The Omni, Atlanta GA).flac
6ed2317f3f1427a68b4b0c0809b0f710 *D1-03 Kevin Speaks.flac
a1d65b49cb79166272ed9c892f087209 *D1-04 Sabotage (8-16-98 Lemonwheel).flac
75fc2902a56ec181fc8ac0df36eb3136 *D1-05 Kevin Speaks.flac
4f45eee452ca69f92e9556a5eb2c161a *D1-06 Ghost (5-22-00 Radio City Music Hall).flac
7f16b014076ee29bbc0ebd24fbe8dd8e *D1-07 Kevin Speaks.flac
6dacf68448191ce72d5d55052ce75dc2 *D1-08 Lengthwise (11-19-92 St. Michaels College - Colchester, VT).flac
5b3311224f166b7feef468d2a8cd54e7 *D1-09 Kevin Speaks.flac
f0e6c220a757dfbfe7bde28baa39ab50 *D1-10 Sneakin' Sally (9-28-99 Oak Mtn Amphitheater - Pelham, AL).flac
4fbb4bd6bf8b04d544d693c6739cc8d7 *D1-11 Kevin Speaks.flac
13d134d4eb396df6066fefc26bd5a6a4 *D2-01 Tweezer (11-23-94 Fox Theatre - St. Louis, MO).flac
eca5043edb72d980ac0369e49388c894 *D2-02 Kevin Speaks.flac
fc76b301e4ba2a5a1107f22515082d9e *D2-03 Llama (10-18-94 Vanderbilt Univ. - Nashville, TN).flac
c6466f1f274f83da20c75bc135ddf091 *D2-04 Kevin Speaks.flac
137189ce66e71450d052e0e57b204b86 *D2-05 After Midnight (12-31-99 Big Cypress).flac
a6ede6e1058f2588fb2a8133c2b0fe60 *D2-06 Kevin Speaks.flac
3229c24d5f5866ff8f04cbd1fde47308 *D2-07 Born To Run (7-16-99 PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ).flac
5a0a7a4a6621cff4fffd1d967374cf7b *D2-08 Radio Bonnaroo Station ID.flac
D1-01 Destiny Unbound (5-1-99 Fenway Park -Boston, MA).flac:07ff0d3d646ee5dd137c9913e629d106
D1-02 Born Under Punches (10-31-96 The Omni, Atlanta GA).flac:708092b4c0aa468b279e7e838c040c92
D1-03 Kevin Speaks.flac:bc1669a64f65a3fa1f7d32564ad9e880
D1-04 Sabotage (8-16-98 Lemonwheel).flac:f1dbd658a9f4c624d8159d8ff481ad44
D1-05 Kevin Speaks.flac:fa1e2ef2de8a5536c03bd329dbdc5edd
D1-06 Ghost (5-22-00 Radio City Music Hall).flac:c901413e23e62979d2d07cffabc4b5e8
D1-07 Kevin Speaks.flac:747a922e841d073ca72988a3212973ff
D1-08 Lengthwise (11-19-92 St. Michaels College - Colchester, VT).flac:54209883f827a7cea7cbc519438cfe9b
D1-09 Kevin Speaks.flac:fcfc1927f7915291cc2758ce02da53a6
D1-10 Sneakin' Sally (9-28-99 Oak Mtn Amphitheater - Pelham, AL).flac:037b8092a450b8e1fa4721d27f141848
D1-11 Kevin Speaks.flac:e26c30d730caa11119f84961a7fe143f
D2-01 Tweezer (11-23-94 Fox Theatre - St. Louis, MO).flac:d4158f9dda1180490a33daac2c233bb1
D2-02 Kevin Speaks.flac:64d2925b7ff6e43bab862149a69a2324
D2-03 Llama (10-18-94 Vanderbilt Univ. - Nashville, TN).flac:5822cb3386e12e1c577364b3139eaf51
D2-04 Kevin Speaks.flac:2e9072f258db1ee08185dcd3071fcd01
D2-05 After Midnight (12-31-99 Big Cypress).flac:9a2158e71e8c21e86cbddf9cb5385e42
D2-06 Kevin Speaks.flac:2db74e0864489250b6797dba6e4dcb8c
D2-07 Born To Run (7-16-99 PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ).flac:5e00fbf404cc4d61351fe0e77f4d52f6
D2-08 Radio Bonnaroo Station ID.flac:c78b4ea1b6bd2f2b1efe0d367433c703

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