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Phish 06/09/95
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums all_ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG 463s > B-18s > FP-11s > Teac DA-P20(16/48); Panasonic SV3700 > Marantz PMD670 > Audacity(44.1) > CD Wave > Flac Frontend(Level 6); Taped & Transferred by DATBRAD 
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Morrison, CO

"Red Rocks"

(OTS-Behind SBD-CTR)


Digital transfer: (SV3700>PMD670>CF>HDD)

MDAT>Wav>Audacity(44.1)>CDWave(splits)>Flac Frontend(Level 6)

Recording and transfer by DATBRAD

Set 1

D101 My Friend My Friend
D102 Divided Sky
D103 Strange Design
D104 Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
D105 AC/DC Bag
D106 Theme From the Bottom
D107 Taste
D108 Sparkle
D109 Run Like an Antelope

Set 2

D201 Crowd >
D202 Split Open and Melt
D203 The Wedge
D204 Scent of a Mule
D205 Cavern
D206 David Bowie
D207 Acoustic Army
D208 Sweet Adeline
D209 Slave to the Traffic Light


D210 The Squirming Coil
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Phish 6-9-95 d210.flac:605ffde0c51e60a0199637e324a6f010
Phish 6-9-95 d101.flac:99bf22b8d398d8e9ccb382fca4620623
Phish 6-9-95 d102.flac:6bc9e64d96d6af79fadbd6a2fab5e959
Phish 6-9-95 d103.flac:44618bfc10684ccf77a69958fd3ea956
Phish 6-9-95 d104.flac:2a311d462562b57e6afd89457cc78189
Phish 6-9-95 d105.flac:e08ffd0a360f8959a7ddc8f2f7089a79
Phish 6-9-95 d106.flac:d2896bb2b99c7c7166c52521a4d2aae7
Phish 6-9-95 d107.flac:c808f97e84d8ecc6a70f105d6e18e028
Phish 6-9-95 d108.flac:61b38ef586ea8360e6fb5ecc3b073b20
Phish 6-9-95 d109.flac:59af515136ac8ac5b3397122b2652eda
Phish 6-9-95 d201.flac:6e280929286ae4a37ef8660e4f8452d7
Phish 6-9-95 d202.flac:46c45f7306bff9bc1a50f1eec6a8f6b5
Phish 6-9-95 d203.flac:4674f5131d35c332682a604d9f3c09ad
Phish 6-9-95 d204.flac:b29a3467976d96fa0eebe705dd8641af
Phish 6-9-95 d205.flac:1362abef31299cd6bf902adc3e744834
Phish 6-9-95 d206.flac:5884690b76859cfc32293fd6d863661d
Phish 6-9-95 d207.flac:22d546d84bd54ae30abb960ddf1639e9
Phish 6-9-95 d208.flac:b85283119235fa2332367d7220d0a493
Phish 6-9-95 d209.flac:c007ec3e5a6fac13bb5c17cb0c84663f

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AKG 460/ck61; DA-20mkII >... (1) Schoeps CCM4/mk61; Admin... (2) B+K 4006 (8' high, 10'... (1) flac16; AKG 391's ->... (0)
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