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Zero 07/20/96
Humpty's, Tahoe City, CA
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Source Summary Source: Nak 700's in hat->D7/Clone
Transfer: SEK'D Prodif Plus->Soundforge->CDWav->MKWAct->shn->Plexwriter 8/20  
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Zero - 7/20/96
Humpty's - Tahoe City, CA

Nak 700's in hat->D7/Clone
xfer via SEK'D Prodif Plus->Soundforge->
CDWav->MKWAct->shn->Plexwriter 8/20

CD #1 - Set I
1.) Berm
2.) Possession
3.) Crossroads
4.) Junko Partner
5.) Baby Baby
6.) Home On The Range (fast)

CD #2 - Set I cont.
1.) The Weight
-- Set II --
2.) Pits Of Thunder
3.) Running On Faith
4.) Listen Here
5.) Mercury Blues->Strawberry
      Fields Forever tease

CD #3 - Set II cont.
1.) Gregg's Eggs->
2.) Papa Was A Rolling Stone->
      Gregg's Eggs->
3.) Little Wing->
      Gregg's Eggs->
4.) Badge->
      Gregg's Eggs
5.) E: Mickey Mouse theme->
      Highway 61
-- Filler - 11/22/97 --
6.) It's Up To You->
7.) Mr. Broadway->
8.) It's Up To You
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2640eb29061236e405a12cbccdbf3e41 *zero96-07-20d1t1.shn
78674f1f8ad85dff70f02b491bd25a39 *zero96-07-20d1t2.shn
2aa5b0ec1e6ebf8ead7cbbb01cf076f1 *zero96-07-20d1t3.shn
70f1f6417d462446fb0cfa7d91c66cda *zero96-07-20d1t4.shn
baa9168b3ffc4fa34e0999f88c3732a0 *zero96-07-20d1t5.shn
6adf583aef0521ba582227540c26cd85 *zero96-07-20d1t6.shn
e44eaa91ea51c5db6bebacee6e282f1b *zero96-07-20d2t1.shn
15a42d33660e62d6f17dcf93441d6bbc *zero96-07-20d2t2.shn
119324a0826019305a8c0150a09e2e64 *zero96-07-20d2t3.shn
bf4417cb5552365bd2b2c9b5141ead4e *zero96-07-20d2t4.shn
3bd159202df6d85008e65b3e5ef94bf1 *zero96-07-20d2t5.shn
b6ec4b8d41a91d10a3973a6d7cf03ae8 *zero96-07-20d3t1.shn
a1860bd0b040dcdd1ec898ea357e6e59 *zero96-07-20d3t2.shn
1cdfe226ad1b6c6e5fe92eb3d001b839 *zero96-07-20d3t3.shn
06c58e05abfe85b3d2ce5713d976b87d *zero96-07-20d3t4.shn
38ffcae62308db63a39bf9afedadd7d4 *zero96-07-20d3t5.shn
00f70b3201197ea4ed8254e9c1c44fdb *zero96-07-20d3t6.shn
4c3c032791edf869751aebff33628fad *zero96-07-20d3t7.shn
7f261b206a3940905d88d45d24cfcae6 *zero96-07-20d3t8.shn

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