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Phish 06/26/10
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP , 24bit-FFP
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann ak40 -> lc3 -> km100 -> Sound Devices 722 (@24/96); SoundForge 7 > FLAC; Taped & Transferred by Nate Evans (NOTE: both 16 bit & 24 bit versions are available) 
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Phish Merriweather Weekend 2010
Merriweather Post Pavillion
Columbia, MD
taped by
nate evans ([email protected])
dedicated to my buddy kenny watts hope the grooves help ya through CASSIDY will be missed by all
thanks to all who helped get me where i needed to be both nights
and thanks to taylor for providing the tree trunk both nights
OTS, Section CTR, Row DD, Seat 131, 7' Stand, ROC
ak40(din)-lc3-km100-shorty [email protected]/96
all post done in sf 7

*the 26th was run with levels super high and in the mix the vocal seemed to be clipping a bit
*levels turned down for the 27th and house vocals sounded clearer
i posted 2 shows in one torrent to save time for downloaders

•First time played: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Crowd Control
Kill Devil Falls
Sugar Shack
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
backwards Down the Number Line
46 Days
Suzy Greenberg

Rock & Roll
Fast Enough for You
The Horse
Silent In The Morning
Wolfman's Brother
Slave to the Traffic Light
Tweezer Reprise
Show Of Life
Good Times, Bad Times
Show Checksums
phish2010-06-26 set 101.flac:0db893b94a3be13bf04e8fa28ef6a462
phish2010-06-26 set 102.flac:8f07d3183f2c0532b61aab5b6e10d50b
phish2010-06-26 set 103.flac:8846978d05945e06f09fd2b765290d61
phish2010-06-26 set 104.flac:1194aebdc53b4ecf8b6a1974edb4b1d3
phish2010-06-26 set 105.flac:dd1656db80bb03ab440459c1cdbc8982
phish2010-06-26 set 106.flac:bad1b91b3922c3527130ba3f7aa0ecfe
phish2010-06-26 set 107.flac:9ed45fb79daa11a47f3cce6e0838b846
phish2010-06-26 set 108.flac:dd99515986b89f836196486b6da5aa72
phish2010-06-26 set 109.flac:703838c12a948d5926d368b25a641f19
phish2010-06-26 set 110.flac:cd23b4e927df934e8e792d87648fc91c
phish2010-06-26 set 111.flac:e7fe56894f26500124c5efbf05511044
phish2010-06-26 set 112.flac:c14191ba4c9b4f94497e7a37654ea82f
phish2010-06-26 set 201.flac:f3e1b55c401af8b77c605988474d59b3
phish2010-06-26 set 202.flac:3be4a2905a3b77f2bd20a05a723caf1e
phish2010-06-26 set 203.flac:3bcc89ec65491cc480b0bdd5f66934ac
phish2010-06-26 set 204.flac:131e997364d4827bd2dd12edc3f82e69
phish2010-06-26 set 205.flac:1ff5395e70e44a288610ec09a1e69bd8
phish2010-06-26 set 206.flac:f8ed485827915e926ceb1972c35e23db
phish2010-06-26 set 207.flac:8d7d9d3e328922abb1f5c850345f073d
phish2010-06-26 set 208.flac:9fc6117c2eda6ea33129cb0f1386de8f
phish2010-06-26 set 209.flac:67e20292c09c69c6fc73023d106a1ba6
phish2010-06-26 set 210.flac:d2176c9344023c6a4d9dffebd5da877c
phish2010-06-26 set 211.flac:a83bec05d0bf1aa276e2ead7f3611e5d
phish2010-06-26 set 212.flac:d288a9bfacd8ae9e1244ac7836144355
phish2010-06-26 set 101.flac:4b890ea4dc99b2cbc8d485001e74efa2
phish2010-06-26 set 102.flac:88717c0a6cc23df2c9d254d6a1216c58
phish2010-06-26 set 103.flac:5fdc4f92b5f3878befcbd24bf57f47b1
phish2010-06-26 set 104.flac:0baa674753c960321412db829d163451
phish2010-06-26 set 105.flac:b9fb63c68e69d1333d9174e96ef89379
phish2010-06-26 set 106.flac:2b85a8409bbdf895a26f6e713b9bb8ae
phish2010-06-26 set 107.flac:1ca85faaabcab4cabb55e6ca22aaf657
phish2010-06-26 set 108.flac:2a582079ee6cb4f0562173d15592741c
phish2010-06-26 set 109.flac:67f72a0b33ae918e19cc863495875db2
phish2010-06-26 set 110.flac:b6fda9fd52c1255d9fa5e5f7590d35b0
phish2010-06-26 set 111.flac:50781cbc27f820e9f9cf19d52d8d8847
phish2010-06-26 set 112.flac:8ee9325be6a81393e6fffa48d0571bf6
phish2010-06-26 set 201.flac:e0ca16147b0a9cbebaeed72878112804
phish2010-06-26 set 202.flac:aa8b35ef8a25261601bb49523af6480e
phish2010-06-26 set 203.flac:d39f5168ecfbc37597db56ebf0d56bf1
phish2010-06-26 set 204.flac:2f59562e3f8cfdb2282612fa95fb9b86
phish2010-06-26 set 205.flac:1182acf437731e93aae0233d5aa1815c
phish2010-06-26 set 206.flac:8a1af3858f3f5d0af1c615a3706d3063
phish2010-06-26 set 207.flac:01373d9d6e1b1352e0e2586492d96d6f
phish2010-06-26 set 208.flac:dacc6d38d6d6189310309bf2c3a1d284
phish2010-06-26 set 209.flac:dbc3f65e82babf24ec071bced870bf96
phish2010-06-26 set 210.flac:f51dabd4ba2b6da674278c2acd1ebf2a
phish2010-06-26 set 211.flac:d59806ff98fe722561ede6770ba69385

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