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Zero 11/??/89
Brownie's 23 East Cabaret, Ardmore, PA
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Source Summary Source: SBD>CassM>DAT
Transfer: Tascam DA20MKII>RME 96/8 PST>Sound Forge 5.0 ( resampled from 48kHz to 44.1kHz with anti-aqlias filter and 4 of 4 setting )>CDWAVE>mkwACT>SHN  
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23 East Caberet
Ardmore, PA



Transfer Info:

Tascam DA20MKII>RME 96/8 PST>Sound Forge 5.0 ( resampled from 48kHz to 44.1kHz with anti-aqlias filter and 4 of 4 setting )>CDWAVE>mkwACT>SHN

William LaPier  [email protected]

Disc 1:

d1t01 -
d1t02 - Baby, Baby
d1t03 - Tangled Hangers
d1t04 - Ridin with the King
d1t05 - Tear Tags off Mattresses
d1t06 - Many Rivers to Cross

Disc 2:

d1t07 - I'd Rather Love You than Anyone Else in Town **
d1t08 - Try a Little Tenderness
d1t09 - The Core
d1t10 - Little Wing
d1t11 - Gregg's Egg's
d1t12 - Golden Road

Alan Dorchak's notes:

Greg Anton - drums
Steve Kimock - guitars
Martin Fierro - saxophone
Banana - keyboards & vocals
unknown bassist
** unknown vocalist - possibly Billy Goodman?

The venue for the show is 23 East, Ardmore, PA (per the intro track), not Wetland's 11-18-89 as listed by Bill LaPier.
I am guessing that the date must be wrong since has 11-18-89 as Wetlands.  
I also venture to guess that this show was also around 11-1989.
I identified the tunes to determine the setlist.

Bill LaPier's notes:

Maybe some can compare the setlist below with the songs in these shns.  
I'm no Zero song expert.  but, it seemed that the songs were out of place, or some songs were missing.  wjlp

Set 1: Tangled Hangers. Tongue 'n' Groove, Supersonic Transport, Little Wing, Drums, Tear Tags Off Mattresses
Set 2: Baby Baby, The Core, Many Rivers To Cross, Gregg's Eggs > Rigor Mortis, Severe Tire Damage, Golden Road


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