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Zero 06/24/94
Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
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Source Summary Source: Nak 700s(in hat)->Sony D3 DAT/Clone
Transder: D8->SEK'D Prodif Plus->Samplitude->CDWav->MKWAct->shn->Plexwriter 8/20 
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Zero - 6/24/94
Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

Nak 700s(in hat)->Sony D3 DAT/Clone
xfer via D8->SEK'D Prodif Plus->Samplitude->
CDWav->MKWAct->shn->Plexwriter 8/20

Dr. Bob arrived late so DAT was missing first 2 songs
Cole's->Tangled which were added from an analog source
very short digi dropout during Home On The Range

CD #1 - Set I
1.) Cole's Law->
2.) Tangled Hangers
3.) Highway 61
4.) Rigor Mortis
-- Set II --
5.) Chance In A Million
6.) It's Up To You

CD #2 - Set II cont.
1.) Pits Of Thunder
2.) Baby Baby
3.) Home On The Range

CD #3 - Set II cont.
1.) Gregg's Eggs
2.) E: Try A Little Tenderness
-- Filler - 1/10/97 --
3.) Sun Sun Sun
4.) Anorexia
5.) Love The One You're With
6.) La Fiesta
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b48324005eca66544ba9b144ab0fa2b8 *zero94-06-24d1t1.shn
241bbe52a60a14dc42d1e6505e9021d5 *zero94-06-24d1t2.shn
19b95649692cba2fd197ae7c76f2a796 *zero94-06-24d1t3.shn
3a7424deb28e2e7021c99ac68b660220 *zero94-06-24d1t4.shn
0f1ad38ab3918197bd0ca11adb703f64 *zero94-06-24d1t5.shn
363996e364eaf887cddae7bc991d696f *zero94-06-24d1t6.shn
3f4f1893c8aa0eb00a39bcad08a0e102 *zero94-06-24d2t1.shn
043508e7d3535de97225158a8e65300a *zero94-06-24d2t2.shn
54acffb6b145d6ec17fcba2a5643fa44 *zero94-06-24d2t3.shn
5e2d99a2a1ba501745efe18a872140af *zero94-06-24d3t1.shn
ebdc4feee38df3a418f1470b4a59751c *zero94-06-24d3t2.shn
52e1241193e39c689025b52e13a257fb *zero94-06-24d3t3.shn
8c9f757f4f658ec41726008fcd2e9aac *zero94-06-24d3t4.shn
585f4d142e7bc3959e8463a915fd90a6 *zero94-06-24d3t5.shn
6b6d671c8a351e5904885cce85b81b8c *zero94-06-24d3t6.shn

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