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Les Claypool 06/04/10
Hunter Mountain Ski Area, Hunter, NY
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Source Summary Source : schoeps mk-41(dina) > kc5 > cmc6> acm lunatec v-3 > edirol r-44
Lineage : 24/44.1 wav > sound studio 3 > MBIT+ > xACT 1.71 > flac16
Location : ots left of soundboard tent 10 ft
Taper : edtyre 
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Les Claypool
2010-06-04 Mountain Jam
Hunter Mountain Ski Area
Hunter, NY

source : schoeps mk-41(dina) > kc5 > cmc6> acm lunatec v-3 > edirol r-44
lineage : 24/44.1 wav > sound studio 3 > MBIT+ > xACT 1.71 > flac16
taper : edtyre
location : ots left of soundboard tent 10 ft


Up On The Roof
Rumble Of The Diesel
Toys Go Winding Down Tease > Amanitas
Buzzards Of Green Hill *
Red State Girl
Precipitation > Mr. Krinkle tease > Precipitation
Drums and Whamola Jam
Booneville Stomp
Cosmic Highway > Goodbye Blue Sky tease > Cosmic Highway > Kashmir tease > Cosmic Highway
David Makalster I >
Southbound Pachyderm >
David Makalaster I
D's Diner (fades out)

*  w/ Warren Haynes on guitar

notes: battery ran out just before the end of D's Diner, not much was missed.
A few wind rumbles can be heard on the recording, nothing too bad.
My tracking is off from the setlist taken from the Les website, sorry.
Set started at 1:00 am, so the date is really the 5th.

Les Claypool - Bass
Mike Dillon - Percussion
Sam Bass - Cello
Paulo Baldi - Drums
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5eaf0f39ca732e5cfdec9212a2313189 *lesclaypool2010-06-04t01.flac
f1bd0d50bcd07b4b36117b10e394d5de *lesclaypool2010-06-04t02.flac
ec4323a14e28e9010a68e59da40a35b9 *lesclaypool2010-06-04t03.flac
5ae29ada915d32b3a81a750c2c21738e *lesclaypool2010-06-04t04.flac
d90c9db9f657417db218be35faab1a79 *lesclaypool2010-06-04t05.flac
659419e016cdbbef31873748f4a648f1 *lesclaypool2010-06-04t06.flac
7069ac5c0f93a09b6944ac7d2fb02ee8 *lesclaypool2010-06-04t07.flac
00550350236835032a0fe08b5aa485ed *lesclaypool2010-06-04t08.flac
19dad61a901a67fe397e4c6fa29de0b7 *lesclaypool2010-06-04t09.flac
0cc4e3974e8ee82d0f10bbb2fe1e7b13 *lesclaypool2010-06-04t10.flac
1b552827b8fd1b0d8940bcba310367a3 *lesclaypool2010-06-04t11.flac
3860b4651f23be929d1d5977354613bc *lesclaypool2010-06-04t12.flac
8d73e39dc0a2d691a43fe4e8ca9a52db *lesclaypool2010-06-04t13.flac

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