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Zero 11/22/97
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
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Source Summary Source: Sennheiser MKH416 P48->DAT
Transfer: D8->SEK'D Prodif Plus->Samplitude->CDWav->MKWAct->shn->Plexwriter 8/20  
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Zero - 11/22/97
Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

Sennheiser MKH416 P48->DAT
transfer via D8->SEK'D Prodif Plus->Samplitude->
CDWav->MKWAct->shn->Plexwriter 8/20

Disc 1

1.  Pits Of Thunder
2.  Friday's Child
3.  Did I Mention
4.  Roll Me Over
5.  Crossroads
6.  Out In The Woods
7.  Down In The Boondocks

Disc 2

1.  Kissin' The Boo Boo
- Setbreak -
2.  Can't Sit Down
3.  Use Me Up
4.  It's Up To You->
5.  Mr. Broadway->Drums->
6.  It's Up To You
7.  Possession

Disc 3

1.  La Fiesta
2.  Chance In A Million
   - Encore -
3.  Sun Sun Sun

SK&F - 6/28/95
4.  Tongue 'n' Groove
5.  If Life Was On Video Tape
6.  Soul Dressing
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e01bf86ea2d1e6cf41321c9cc9407a15 *zero97-11-22d1t1.shn
745e9add4d049591ffc6b4c2e25f7927 *zero97-11-22d1t2.shn
52f6d56e692b382f4ee3d868173c0ea1 *zero97-11-22d1t3.shn
a8df9f70545ad2b5f2b05566a165ef7a *zero97-11-22d1t4.shn
98ea0d0372e14caaefc1ecc5be473a83 *zero97-11-22d1t5.shn
f28b6ebe30e20e4ed76bf3b68d7c8b04 *zero97-11-22d1t6.shn
f61ee9f5acf19f287d488a83220f0ebf *zero97-11-22d1t7.shn
8810bb3bcde1576f40f1e8d1a8bb1dd2 *zero97-11-22d2t1.shn
3ea1bc4997f21e670e5db41054600065 *zero97-11-22d2t2.shn
07d6e41c7d5a40c52540fc44016113e7 *zero97-11-22d2t3.shn
00f70b3201197ea4ed8254e9c1c44fdb *zero97-11-22d2t4.shn
4c3c032791edf869751aebff33628fad *zero97-11-22d2t5.shn
7f261b206a3940905d88d45d24cfcae6 *zero97-11-22d2t6.shn
568c4b5d1cd2aef37606454916272435 *zero97-11-22d2t7.shn
36a48782f99c26a6a4b2865439cfd009 *zero97-11-22d3t1.shn
73830a8569250d8b7674110bd5b75465 *zero97-11-22d3t2.shn
7f307f46f76e623a78ba80bd2b181286 *zero97-11-22d3t3.shn
e7e92963bdcb5c9522496bfe5ac4f648 *zero97-11-22d3t4.shn
914443df555437f96d19b967153a66dc *zero97-11-22d3t5.shn
810c9e1b5eb43132c35c52e7856df5ef *zero97-11-22d3t6.shn

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