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Grateful Dead 04/24/78
Horton Field House, Illinois State U., Normal, IL
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 3
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Source Summary flac16; Recorded on a small mono cassette recorder with built-in Wollensak 402 mic; First Generation Cassette>Tascam130>Pro Tools LE>wav>flac 
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Grateful Dead

April 24 1978

Normal, Illinois

Illinois State University,  Horton Field House

Recorded on a small mono cassette recorder with
built-in mic.  Wollensak 402

First Generation Cassette>Tascam130>Pro Tools LE>wav>flac

In my opinion this show is one of the greats from 1978.
Until now there has never been an audience recording of it.
I had mentioned once or twice that I had this recording and it
was suggested that I should make it available.
Unfortunately it's not the greatest recording.
It's listenable though.  I've heard worse.
It's sounding better to me all of the time.
You won't want to throw out your 'Miller' though.

I recorded this and other shows I went to, for my own enjoyment
and to have an audio reminder of what it was like.
I never really got into tape trading, this was for me.
Although shortly after the show I did get together with a
few others guys and we had one of those listening/copying parties.
So there would have been two or three copies made right after the show.
Now, I have no idea who those guys were.

This and nearly all of the shows I recorded are now only available as first generation tapes.
The originals are gone.
I had this Wollensak 402 and later another different recorder.
When I took the tapes out of them and played them on my home stereo system cassette deck
the speed always sounded off.  So I would play them back on the recorder patched into my
deck on which I would listen to them and record what became the keeper tape.  Sometimes I would patch them through my Radio Shack equalizer on the way to my Radio Shack cassette deck.
And then I would eq them on my old Utah speakers.  Which were sometimes probably wired wrong and
out of phase.  I had no clue.  The original tapes were then used again or thrown away, usually used again.

After not listening to these tapes for many years I pulled them out.
The first thing I noticed is that during the first set I faded out most of the applause
in between songs, Yikes!
So for the first set I did cross fades, rather than always hearing those fade outs.
They're pretty seamless and makes the band sound almost professional, no long tune ups
between songs!  During the second set though there is a fade before 'Terrapin Station'
that's not so good because I didn't have enough to work with.
The tape ran out towards the end of 'Around and Around'.
When it starts back up there is quite a difference in the sound.
I think that for most of the show I had the recorder in my lap covered up too much
by my jacket.  Then after I did that tape flip I left the recorder more out in the open.
So the sound went from muffled to un-muffled.

This is a mono recording.
When I prepared this I worked on it as a single mono track.
Then as a last step I duplicated the track so as to have a left and right
track.  That is why the whole show is 544 MB as flac files.  If it was true stereo
it would be twice that size.  When the flac algorithms see two identical tracks
it treats them as one.  

Disc One/Set One

01  The Promised Land
02  Ramble On Rose
03  Me & My Uncle
04  Big River
05  Friend Of The Devil
06  Cassidy
07  Brown Eyed Woman
08  Passenger
09  It Must Have Been The Roses
10  The Music Never Stopped

Disc Two/Set Two first part

01  Scarlet Begonias
02  Fire On The Mountain
03  Good Lovin'
04  Terrapin Station
05  Drums/Space/tape flip

Disc Three/Set Two second part

01  Space
02  Not Fade Away
03  Black Peter
04  Around and Around
05  Werewolves Of London



Show Checksums
4be0705d35682d5973f537a2883f3b97 *gd78-04-24d1t01.flac
6923b8880dab91c64d5ecd53e39ad79a *gd78-04-24d1t02.flac
86ea11e44fcd69c24d286b305e1e2ce9 *gd78-04-24d1t03.flac
91f59d2381483ef9f286933aa07f3f62 *gd78-04-24d1t04.flac
2bae20ebb30e4ea097cc172680c14b53 *gd78-04-24d1t05.flac
01ad7e6e0a07b581857dc2ddec09cafc *gd78-04-24d1t06.flac
1f64dd3b9c97e21bdf72e5a18803d104 *gd78-04-24d1t07.flac
1535c74261c1273341ac05d00ce1d0dc *gd78-04-24d1t08.flac
1a5f3560a521468af09923c674d874f9 *gd78-04-24d1t09.flac
fcc848470a9bb0923d3501d43c949d0c *gd78-04-24d1t10.flac
9f0fd9da3f678f4bbaeac31957e3ea5b *gd78-04-24d2t01.flac
e7bcab1b5cafa57b320df7fc0fe68d8d *gd78-04-24d2t02.flac
a5edb2b614329370ef6420f4b7b40198 *gd78-04-24d2t03.flac
bb7a8dd4092b9ae113beb4bf449314c7 *gd78-04-24d2t04.flac
894f41de0d4b879bc58885879c200718 *gd78-04-24d2t05.flac
07cabfffc2b8a42c335abc24c4cf825b *gd78-04-24d3t01.flac
32a3a64fc98db4cf5134d28341fb3664 *gd78-04-24d3t02.flac
5388cbd24f4a71213dd8c003313b2dc6 *gd78-04-24d3t03.flac
3771536ff54bdcf8f4e7ab426c6eeb73 *gd78-04-24d3t04.flac
b02e4eafba99e033c8e5752c97149f27 *gd78-04-24d3t05.flac

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