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Phish 12/08/90
The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
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Entered by Jason Sobel
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Source Summary (set 2 only) unknown aud > cass/x > Nakamichi Dragon > Korg MR1000 > Korg Audio Gate > Adobe Audition 3.0 (Tracking) > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC; Transferred by ifthir 
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December 8th, 1990
The Chance
Poughkeepsie, NY

-Source is a Maxell XLII Analog Cassette of unknown lineage
-Source mics unknown
-A>D via Nakamichi Dragon>Korg MR1000>Korg Audio Gate>WAV
-Tracking performed in Adobe Audition 3.0
-FLAC conversion via Trader's Little Helper
-Thanks to David "zzyzx!" Steinberg for the source tape.

All transfers done by [email protected] (9.6.2010)

Set II

1. Llama [4:06]
2. The Asse Festival [2:07]
3. Dinner and a Movie [3:33]
4. Bouncing Around the Room [3:43]
5. Run Like an Antelope [11:00]
6. Tela [6:27]
7. Golgi Apparatus [4:35]
8. HYHU > [1:33]
9. No Good Trying > [2:52]
10. HYHU // [0:05]
11. YEM [18:05]


12. Funky Bitch [6:04]

Encore II

13. Contact [6:48]
14. Highway to Hell [3:36]

Total Time [1:14:34]

Show Notes:
Vacuum solo during No Good Trying
Contact seems to have been played by request.

Known Flaws:

This tape has channel issues and seems very bassy but overall is still listenable until another source appears.
The second half of HYHU is cut.
There was a faded tape flip @ around 8:50 in YEM, I combined the tracks in Adobe Audition 3.0 without automatic crossfading.
Two dropouts in the second half of YEM

Show Checksums
ph1990-12-08d2t01 - Llama.flac:c11bc8a761033bde38d72819e04fbdf2
ph1990-12-08d2t02 - The Asse Festival.flac:7622bb521026c4bd873c4eeb8051a8dc
ph1990-12-08d2t03 - Dinner and a Movie.flac:5b10b526105befc56d94df1adc327539
ph1990-12-08d2t04 - Bouncing.flac:ef28c7d4898e21afa433158b982025c8
ph1990-12-08d2t05 - Run Like an Antelope.flac:059dcd0f6b36c01565ced9395257ba8c
ph1990-12-08d2t06 - Tela.flac:12f1f069cbe0bdd96f6267819570a667
ph1990-12-08d2t07 - Golgi Apparatus.flac:99806b9f9b284990da9ffadac5feeb42
ph1990-12-08d2t08 - HYHU.flac:1a6be1daf366eb39e5ec04c12b4468b9
ph1990-12-08d2t09 - No Good Trying.flac:750784cb2978c902c7e5a1e50413431d
ph1990-12-08d2t10 - HYHU.flac:a17111a2beff2a4f4a1b39aab0c1d949
ph1990-12-08d2t11 - YEM.flac:76e441c5a0cad09e31019732edcf9bfe
ph1990-12-08d2t12 - Funky Bitch.flac:5bb522c0c8ccc5ba5d000e0e67e476e1
ph1990-12-08d2t13 - Contact.flac:a52bec93c2c46a134b0f20a5fcfeebfc
ph1990-12-08d2t14 - Highway to Hell.flac:a5455a3b1dbd6ac3add50256b2178226

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