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Phish 05/21/89
320 Spear St., Burlington, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums SHN-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Unknown > CD > EAC > wav > mkw > shn 
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320 Spear Street , Burlington, VT
A private house party

This is a gem of a show, including some great jamming, zany antics, and plenty of hilarious stage banter.  As it is quite undercirculated (and unrecognized--some places it is listed as being on 05-21-88) I decided to take it upon myself to spread it.  Voila! Here it is

Source: Unknown
Transfer: [Unknown] CD>EAC>wav>mkw>shn
SHN'd by: Briantelope (Brian A. Hill)

[Disk 1]
Set I

1. Harry Hood
2. Foam
3. Contact
4. Mike's Song->
5. I Am Hydrogen->
6. Weekapaug Groove

[Disk 2]

1. Talking. . .
2. Split Open and Melt
3. Dazed and Confused
4. The Sloth
5. You Enjoy Myself->
6. Ya Mar
7. AC/DC Bag
8. The Divided Sky

Enjoy! Don't forget to spread the music....and feel free to email me if you have question, comments, or other unappreciated or uncirculated shows you'd like to spread

Brian (ROCK!)
/  |__|__| \
| .\  @  /. |   thats one sick bus!
| o  \  /  o |
[email protected]
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fc42ae9be6f4bbc2822ceed5caa54adf *ph1989-05-21d1t2.shn
f4e7857204d6ea68a4cfc82ebf3e6a83 *ph1989-05-21d1t3.shn
d3eb3a19f8244e8900550f5d3c8dc224 *ph1989-05-21d1t4.shn
bd88c8ebee025d3972f06fadbf50789f *ph1989-05-21d1t5.shn
a5a986642361e86708c86547210b0070 *ph1989-05-21d1t6.shn
19a4fc2d0fd3d59247ae5d304f8dbfe1 *ph1989-05-21d2t1.shn
f34b462e255dd05828b4b4c4d74b0972 *ph1989-05-21d2t2.shn
486afc8bd814251239c9aa730ab78101 *ph1989-05-21d2t3.shn
3756a55cb265e78985f18925efb2d878 *ph1989-05-21d2t4.shn
e6cbbb6e1124ed260d3b8fdcf1f70592 *ph1989-05-21d2t5.shn
3795c1fa3834711cd14ca475e9e80bce *ph1989-05-21d2t6.shn
e060db0bb5ef91ed71a071314443105e *ph1989-05-21d2t7.shn
446958c3a38432eb212b1ed3a657f17f *ph1989-05-21d2t8.shn
4913a09c7a32ffaf40555c12ab2736c5 *ph1989-05-21d1t1.shn
d33c00c8b997f4e9477e2c32c745df09 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d1t1.shn
2b4c3fbd9baf2bfafd4a7b3eb44ca323 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d1t2.shn
3584ee352645125f060eedc18a300e3e [shntool] ph1989-05-21d1t3.shn
254b8ce00954466d164e5b53ec1294c7 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d1t4.shn
ffe71f9448050466aa71a326b0390845 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d1t5.shn
4a991d5d6624308656ab1808ec7d6f98 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d1t6.shn
71cf18946c61fb2b4fbc325d54ce2818 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d2t1.shn
696effe1a52ff14ce4c46c46c35ed862 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d2t2.shn
7a0ce1f8f2fc6e389e2c4aaf1665aeeb [shntool] ph1989-05-21d2t3.shn
02f332838151464a818d3660d624e7b1 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d2t4.shn
0ec087dc2189c3875ac1fcd211d031c5 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d2t5.shn
ed7d9708f1ceca35c2d29c6f971a15b3 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d2t6.shn
5e2fcc7c71d06b7bc35fe3ce45d47db3 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d2t7.shn
ee767a5204e32b4d0523752b6120cc70 [shntool] ph1989-05-21d2t8.shn

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