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Doc Watson 07/24/10
Rockygrass, Lyons, CO
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Source Summary Source: MK4>KCY5>CMC6>WendtX2>R-09HR (24/48)
Transfer: SDHC>PC>Audacity>CDWave
Recording/Transfer: Bevin Owens 
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Doc Watson
Rocky Grass Bluegrass Festival
Lyons, CO
Saturday, 7/24/10

Source: MK4>KCY5>CMC6>WendtX2>R-09HR (24/48)
Transfer: SDHC>PC>Audacity>CDWave
Recording/Transfer: Bevin Owens

  *** Recorded in a taper friendly environment ***
         ** Do Not sell this recording **

01 Intro
02 Way Downtown
03 Shady Grove
04 Whiskey Before Breakfast
05 Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
06 Any Time
07 Deep River Blues
08 Black Mountain Rag
09 Fisher's Hornpipe
10 Raincrow Bill
11 Sittin' On Top Of The World
12 Slow Food
13 The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
14 Wagoner's Lad
15 For The Good Times
16 I Am A Pilgrim
17 Workin' Man Blues
18 Summertime
19 Walk On
20 Down Yonder
21 Can't Be Satisfied

22 Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

Doc Watson - Guitar/Vocals
David Holt - Banjo/Guitar
Richard Watson - Guitar
T. Michael Coleman - Bass

   ** Please Support Doc Watson By Buying his albums **
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4eb6093ca95d385b52780f333d7fbdb9 *DocWatson2010-07-24t01.mk4.flac
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b632f779da9c5942723116224cdac4cd *DocWatson2010-07-24t03.mk4.flac
bf73215e937a46b43c217bf2b0c6e172 *DocWatson2010-07-24t04.mk4.flac
70b8e0662d8ecc344fc1a4ee33e9be37 *DocWatson2010-07-24t05.mk4.flac
4cd9d017861e6e5d6ec8d131c3cd3909 *DocWatson2010-07-24t06.mk4.flac
d8852eec336773b8d466e125c1dae2c9 *DocWatson2010-07-24t07.mk4.flac
81c030c54bf5cabfb3b396d1ba20c0ca *DocWatson2010-07-24t08.mk4.flac
edb6fc0cd1fcc47a19c7ade0cc47c954 *DocWatson2010-07-24t09.mk4.flac
c43c84611437c38ed005c52f7dcf58c2 *DocWatson2010-07-24t10.mk4.flac
4aa4e6b2e2b1b0fffe5401098390bbc8 *DocWatson2010-07-24t11.mk4.flac
21c40c64ee840f370edcc2bc0ccc467c *DocWatson2010-07-24t12.mk4.flac
89ee930d428e78649eac41a10ba33838 *DocWatson2010-07-24t13.mk4.flac
1a366b40ea24737c3484d24f7f5eca9b *DocWatson2010-07-24t14.mk4.flac
89d39d8cb1a10499d5585bd5157035e4 *DocWatson2010-07-24t15.mk4.flac
8e2d3322da8f539cd1ee68483e4d5d3b *DocWatson2010-07-24t16.mk4.flac
296d7a9606f0ab5a6df2751dfa3a9487 *DocWatson2010-07-24t17.mk4.flac
88f6cbc8025648e8ec681a5de24caef0 *DocWatson2010-07-24t18.mk4.flac
7324c52f52147831a950c63ab4911169 *DocWatson2010-07-24t19.mk4.flac
b2c43deef2b51dd23bea81b31b38b4ca *DocWatson2010-07-24t20.mk4.flac
c8874fbaaba987cd6546728da0b4825b *DocWatson2010-07-24t21.mk4.flac
365aa59e9406413a852b3ebaec8b497c *DocWatson2010-07-24t22.mk4.flac
093d31cd9c25c7c1b623dddf3076bac4 *DocWatson2010-07-24t23.mk4.flac

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