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Phish 10/16/10
North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, SC
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Source # 110484 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary flac16; DPA 4021s > Grace Design Lunatec V3 > Edirol R44(OCM) 24/96; SDHC > Audacity (16/44) > CD Wave > Foobar2000; Taped & Transferred by Chris King 
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North Charleston Coliseum
Charleston, S.C

Source:DPA 4021s (Orft)>GraceDesign LunatecV3 AES Spdif>R44(OCM) 24/96
Location:DFC/OTS at 10ft.
Transfer:SDHC>Audacity 16/44>Cdwave>Foobar2000
Taped By: Chris King

1st Set

01.Kill Devil Falls
02.Guelah Papyrus
03.The Curtain With >
04.The Mango Song
06.Limb By Limb
07.Sneakin' Sally Thru The Alley
08.Uncle Pen
09.Pebbles and Marbles
10.Cavern >
11.David Bowie

2nd Set

01.Crosseyed and Painless
04.2001 >
05.Tweezer >
06.Show Of Life
09.I've Been Around
10.Quinn The Eskimo >
11.Tweezer Reprise

Notes:Thanks To Brian Porter for the DPAs
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ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t01.flac:5714eb08cafa239330b7a8623cff4159
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t02.flac:c636fda956ab4229d5459856d98d498a
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t03.flac:bbfd6ea773726833e7fa3fac68bcc17a
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t04.flac:38780d9080a9d57c0f68b18e78dce627
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t05.flac:18b4bec76a670770be6c1586211ed804
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t06.flac:6e9a1aa1a7d1618bc1543071ece1aeb8
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t07.flac:f8904dde65f3325420e0aab4955a1bf5
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t08.flac:c8778f91a4142497f9b63871bf89c13a
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t09.flac:443cac3e43e5b80a86d8b25ce826bdb2
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t10.flac:83f183485b2f7397125c547a22c6e578
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S1t11.flac:a57a9004f9bc977873bfe9d6dd9cc7dc
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t01.flac:d1efa3871040e3252725cdaaaa85f6cb
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t02.flac:bff349b0aa73722b6bd0a4b67b5f21aa
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t03.flac:627810bdd867a80fa85ac91abc6e2f96
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t04.flac:fbd8df73830a48e1a0da3b1aad0c503b
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t05.flac:91ecf21c73fa20a20d57fa758531ef26
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t06.flac:d1596841c00ffab22e638e7926681792
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t07.flac:88c424dab55902fbe6d224b4784529e2
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t08.flac:46a67221c2f9ade750814206bb2c7012
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t09.flac:b8817454f815e94150ca536e6277fb71
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t10.flac:af735eb8b7f1e8dcff9ef3f7e1319e80
ph2010-10-16 DPA4021S2t11.flac:78ffa54503508c32f08325d36eae6d80

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