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Zero 05/05/92
Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA
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Source Summary unknown mics>dat>cdr>eac>shn 
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Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia, PA

unknown mics>dat>cdr>eac>shn

disc 1
set 1
1. chatter
2. into
3. Cole's Law >
4. Cissy Strut >
5. Tear Tags Off Mattresses
6. Martin babble
7. Home On The Range

disc 2
Set 2
1. Outskirts Of Town
2. Berm
3. Little Wing
4. Steve babble
5. Gregg's Eggs
5. Mercury Blues
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9ce9207bf589b62b7eb97caf1f32cf60 *92-05-05d1t1.shn
74eb7eeb1ac3c7d0a0e7f7f04e3d6a8e *92-05-05d1t2.shn
3ac5088ce75c39cf136355396c04da61 *92-05-05d1t3.shn
454ec9bff9039d0f1d8528d50327c14d *92-05-05d1t4.shn
e637149b81bf17923a01ddbd15594217 *92-05-05d1t5.shn
69430e63665bdf4b847942543a11bb1b *92-05-05d1t6.shn
a6c34a4fb4eea0ed6960b41aea575f58 *92-05-05d1t7.shn

1fd22891eae5340d7f216a6d7807100c *92-05-05d2t1.shn
98de3270f54191599f2e92dfe5fd6682 *92-05-05d2t2.shn
9cb1412b0079c298b233f6cc5e6a4669 *92-05-05d2t3.shn
5c9b8e89b37b1ac24fca2f88a7e3f50c *92-05-05d2t4.shn
7c239eaf84677f7a83954bc2801a8cad *92-05-05d2t5.shn
cbf09882b9fac1b095c93d5c3b211f16 *92-05-05d2t6.shn

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