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Gov't Mule 11/08/09
Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany
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Source Summary Lineage: DVB-S > .m2t @ 256kbps / 48kHz (technotrend budget, kaffeine) > .mp2 (projectx) > wav (audacity, normalized) > flac (48kHz) 
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Gov't Mule 2009-11-08 Live Music Hall Cologne DE

Source : DVB_S
Length : 1:45:58
Grade  : A+
Lineage: DVB-S > .m2t @ 256kbps / 48kHz (technotrend budget, kaffeine) > .mp2 (projectx) > wav (audacity, normalized) > flac (48kHz)

Setlist :
Brand New Angel
Steppin' Lightly
Larger Than Life
If 6 Was 9
Larger Than Life
Kind Of Bird
No Need To Suffer
32/20 Blues
So Weak, So Strong
Brighter Days
Like Flies
Mule - Whole Lotta Love - Mule

Notes :
show is not available on
recorded from DLF broadcasts on 2010-05-21 (set 1) and 2010-05-28 (set 2).
interviews cut out from the middle and placed at the end.

flac files are in 48kHz as the original broadcast.
Depending on burning software may have to be downsampled to 44.1kHz before burning.

probably not the whole show played, but everything that was broadcasted.
Show Checksums
113e76518c7125079844ed1ae4a081a0 101-Brand New Angel.flac
a4e45e8ddd310f17ce1036a3aaa7457b 102-Steppin' Lightly.flac
63b78457935c3ca2d507c9c129728861 103-Larger Than Life.flac
99388102e3794be9588fb81754e09056 104-If 6 Was 9.flac
66203c8b4b03d48ff788409bbf877338 105-Larger Than Life Reprise.flac
aa71526543bc905dec3693076bc91fc0 106-Kind Of Bird.flac
e08cdfb5c145095866c8d628a7efc5ca 107-No Need To Suffer.flac
683714ce68a99614883cbaac9c0c2d97 208-32-20 Blues.flac
b77f669f020771eb5191c40341ee8b6d 209-So weak so strong.flac
e86587ec4d1694c67cccef8e2bcd5f48 210-Brighter Days.flac
914676f5a277ecb2f0cbd21a49f57595 211-Like Flies.flac
48270a391fb8bcc35538febe71ccfe14 212-Mule - Whole Lotta Love - Mule.flac
b36b989009d22fee2f8dd44028d82b14 213-Soulshine.flac
6305781b46a3e07ed527f7510a0e46c0 314-Interview.flac
f2f82295b5899f28c482160f08419d43 315-Interview.flac
0ba4c09f53cb1a3d5ab8e285459ae394 316-Interview.flac

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