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Phish 02/23/93
The Edge, Orlando, FL
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums FFP
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary unknown audience > cass/2; Nakamichi Dragon > Korg MR1000 > Korg Audio Gate > Adobe Audition 3.0 > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC; Transferred by ifthir 
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February 23rd, 1993
The Edge Night Club
Orlando, FL

-Source is on two Maxell XLII Analog Cassette of lineage believed to be cass/2
-Source microphones unknown
-A>D via Nakamichi Dragon>Korg MR1000>Korg Audio Gate>WAV
-Tracking performed in Adobe Audition 3.0
-FLAC conversion via Trader's Little Helper
-Thanks to Joe Morgan (Tallboy) for the tapes and the notes.

All transfers done by [email protected] (9.21.2010)

Set I

1. Golgi Apparatus [5:22]
2. My Friend, My Friend [6:30]
3. Rift [6:06]
4. Bouncing Around the Room [3:40]
5. Split Open and Melt [10:24]
6. Reba [13:34]
7. Lawn Boy [2:38]
8. Chalkdust Torture [6:15]
9. The Wedge [6:27]
10. Paul and Silas > [3:03]
11. Run Like an Antelope [11:03]

Total Time [1:15:02]

Set II

1. Crowd [0:49]
2. Axilla [3:43]
3. My Sweet One [2:36]
4. Stash > [9:47]
5. The Lizards [10:18]
6. Punch you in the Eye > [6:45]
7. All Things Reconsidered [2:34]
8. Mike's Song > [7:27]
9. Hydrogen > [2:40]
10. Weekapaug Groove > [2:01]
11. Nellie Kane > [2:40]
12. Weekapaug Groove > [2:10]
13. HYHU > [0:50]
14. Terrapin > [10:11]
15. HYHU [1:53]
16. Possum [9:23]
17. Crowd [2:45]


18. Sweet Adeline [3:00]
19. Poor Heart [3:03]

Total Time [1:21:32]

Known Flaws:

Whole show is unmastered from Joe's cassette
Whole show has a myriad of problems that I chose not to resolve. This will have to do until something better surfaces.
Beginning of I am Hydrogen is cut.

Show notes:

Begining of My Friend, My Friend with Trey on acoustic guitar.
Simpsons Signal, All Fall Down signal during Run Like an Antelope
Evil laughing from the band during the Split Open And Melt jam
I Am Hydrogen included the lyrics, "I walk awakening on the misty fields of forever."
First Nellie Kane
Vaccuum solo during Terrapin
Sweet Adeline was performed WITH microphones

Source notes from tallboy:

This show was requested by a friend of mine and has evidently not been circulated.  He had a copy but said it sounded terrible.  He compared to mine and said mine was much better, so for now this is the best copy known to exist.  It is not a great sounding recording by any means, there is some distortion and the taper was messing with the levels here and there.  However, it is a great show from Phish's first Phlorida run and as such at least deserves to be heard by those who are interested.

At this point in Phish's career they were almost unknown in Florida so consequently played small venues on this run which encompassed Tallahassee, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Gainesville.  The Edge was a very small club.  They played there again 4/30/94.  When they returned in October of that year they had already grown to the point where they had to play on an outdoor stage behind the venue.

No remastering done to this tape by tallboy, taper is unknown.
Show Checksums
ph1993-02-23d1t01 - Golgi Apparatus.flac:fb96143f2df9d7238f95d0f873338cbc
ph1993-02-23d1t02 - My Friend, My Friend.flac:9b2a2c00221d21e3e922b90691428632
ph1993-02-23d1t03 - Rift.flac:97bdfb64b877fcd0264af293312cedb0
ph1993-02-23d1t04 - Bouncing.flac:9dd68f769b487ab7331af5399d04a637
ph1993-02-23d1t05 - Split Open and Melt.flac:1a4d944abbdfdc33a7bd4f46688c9d13
ph1993-02-23d1t06 - Reba.flac:c6f18768da5eca408f480a1d39c0c743
ph1993-02-23d1t07 - Lawn Boy.flac:0c4a035e588fe53ca7db30671d5111ae
ph1993-02-23d1t08 - Chalkdust Torture.flac:8cadb28f321b8937889f62a2e5560f92
ph1993-02-23d1t09 - The Wedge.flac:35cca4d9912025274397e57211d308a2
ph1993-02-23d1t10 - Paul and Silas.flac:18171043697a8636dd58867e7209b0c4
ph1993-02-23d1t11 - Run Like an Antelope.flac:b366ff3c220d96bc7b912182327dd640
ph1993-02-23d2t01 - Crowd.flac:992aa4261d8001f2ce3ba109cf4637f7
ph1993-02-23d2t02 - Axilla.flac:3b29633643ccb711999108106930215a
ph1993-02-23d2t03 - My Sweet One.flac:fa54d64fc0885d4ee401c3be2f51f8a0
ph1993-02-23d2t04 - Stash.flac:51869afa596d117e1b69d0fccc7a84b1
ph1993-02-23d2t05 - The Lizards.flac:1108f4c583a4c90e27a05bcce67f5e16
ph1993-02-23d2t06 - Punch you in the Eye.flac:eb090adcad6e6f6b2fe87c78e98edba8
ph1993-02-23d2t07 - All Things Reconsidered.flac:ffb83102d0a558d1a1c0e533dc2733d9
ph1993-02-23d2t08 - Mike's Song.flac:ef09740ea18d198841b4c0a52f87ec16
ph1993-02-23d2t09 - Hydrogen.flac:3d1a17780f9c4cc42de861960f97c615
ph1993-02-23d2t10 - Weekapaug Groove.flac:05647aa1a8be2931f8e68590a67b2d55
ph1993-02-23d2t11 - Nellie Kane.flac:bb41e2c892d507cebd72e719030109ab
ph1993-02-23d2t12 - Weekapaug Groove.flac:b197591547a6ed29c67c24b8e4f2af76
ph1993-02-23d2t13 - HYHU.flac:9e284c9afc517a1dbc1c0a40fa42e983
ph1993-02-23d2t14 - Terrapin.flac:42736a2453401deacfa48846635085b6
ph1993-02-23d2t15 - HYHU.flac:cc1c45507a802787764b8fa68154ae39
ph1993-02-23d2t16 - Possum.flac:9512251da90385af774259b776b14aa6
ph1993-02-23d2t17 - Crowd.flac:f4f0002b4bbba21a5f60d2b328ee73eb
ph1993-02-23d2t18 - Sweet Adeline.flac:cab8372673eaf4c827f6a4954351f1ed
ph1993-02-23d2t19 - Poor Heart.flac:d3ba99482837223e2f45d77376118772

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