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Robert Hunter 11/16/90
Avalon Theatre, Milwaukee, WI
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16: Sbd>2 different "home" cassette decks>2 Maxell XLII cassettes>NAK CR1-A>NAK CR1-A>1st generation Maxell XLII's, no dolby>Harmon Kardon TD 302>CDDA-RW>EAC>wavepad>flac 
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Robert Hunter
Avalon Theater
Milwaukee, WI


Lineage:Sbd>2 different "home" cassette decks>2 Maxell XLII cassettes(no dolby),
tape flips staggered.
Master recording by legendary local taper, DG.

Analog Transfer: Master tapes>NAK CR1-A>NAK CR1-A>1st generation Maxell XLII's, no dolby.
Analog transfer by arfarf, 1990-11-18

Digital Transfer:1st gen tapes>Harmon Kardon TD 302 , heads aligned to each tape side>
CDDA-RW>EAC>tracking and basic editing with wavepad>
flac level 8 and checksums with traderslittlehelper

No Eq or other "sweetening" was done to what I hope is an
accurate representation of the source material
Digital transfer by arfarf 2008-06-05

-Disc 1-  43:30
    -Set 1-
01 Wharf Rat
02 The Wheel
03 End Of The Road>
    The Wheel(reprise)
04 Silvio
05 Tales Of The Great Rum Runners
06 Jack Straw
07 Cruel White Waters
08 -talking-
09 Standing On The Moon

-Disc 2- 79:19
    -Set 2-
01 Uncle John's Band
02 Deal
03 Franklin's Tower
04 Box Of Rain
05 Restless Heart>
06 Talking Money Tree Blues
07 Sugaree
08 -talking-
09 Mr. Charlie>
    Ugliest Girl In The World>
    Easy Wind
10 Stella Blue
11 Keys To The Rain
12 Terrapin Station
13 -applause & tuning-
14 Promontory Rider
15 Ripple
16 Boys In The Barroom

Notes: Two master cassettes were made, with staggered tape flips.
This is the complete show taken directly off both masters
onto 1st generation cassettes,  utilizing the most complete tape segments>
heads of playback deck aligned to each tape segment, via a pair of speed matched Naks.

I am sharing this recording in hopes that others may share it as well.
Please help me spread this recording.
Show Checksums
03112c5895ad4186eab2c73d27393c81 *d01t01 Wharf Rat.flac
10943ac2debb3089139f0dbfa7a07f97 *d01t02 The Wheel.flac
f0c42ad8c52bb1ff108fb5a7222802c6 *d01t03 End Of The Road.flac
b8d064d5f34cca3d1f6ea327dd69ff55 *d01t04 Silvio.flac
27336b47c7f78eb7508f8eda708aaaa5 *d01t05 Tales Of The Great Rum Runners.flac
b7257363179be9196b061e8d22d8363d *d01t06 Jack Straw.flac
85586008e3789c14e98f83a3df2ec75b *d01t07 Cruel White Water.flac
0df5f6a338993e45b4ff3ce39b327a7e *d01t08 talking.flac
200c263219c97495350e2865ad12d778 *d01t09 Standing On The Moon.flac
ac39e852d5458f727512765e2d2f2ede *d02t01 Uncle John's Band.flac
63e3ccb778c2de5ec0a376b5eda96370 *d02t02 Deal.flac
ca40322af74444e974c387b82ea3d840 *d02t03 Franklin's tower.flac
fa9fbaf06c9757fec4b68ceaf565ab0f *d02t04 Box Of Rain.flac
6d6c7749effee1099ec9fab70a5d9550 *d02t05 Restless Heart.flac
51ede7c00ef813d178b9a283321c73b0 *d02t06 Talking Money Tree.flac
e59f8266a825414d794707f77049926f *d02t07 Sugaree.flac
9b67c2bafe87913f36e0e228d803ce50 *d02t08 talking.flac
5138d050c86c0b0a4f99104183b76fda *d02t09 Mr. Charlie-Ugliest Girl-Easy Wind.flac
6ca5b4478cc860d9bb7f5984bf4b7b65 *d02t10 Stella Blue.flac
8cca2149d1f304080396000884d62d37 *d02t11 Keys To The Rain.flac
19765f9bfd15aafd8bc4e77f44d377ed *d02t12 Terrapin Station.flac
f010d38c82f7c3b668328ba2bc02e981 *d02t13 applause-tuning.flac
37db3ab30f088f4bf58857cc54eabc55 *d02t14 Promontory Rider.flac
033f1b26a6b6633578d98ef2fc469142 *d02t15 Ripple.flac
1fa337b356306d97c952c4874c822403 *d02t16 Boys In The Barroom.flac

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