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Gov't Mule 03/20/99
The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Nakamichi 300 Mics W/CP1 Cardioids>Sony TC-D5M cassette Master(Dolby On)
Lineage: MAC>Sony TC-D5M Cassette Deck(Playback,Dolby Off)>Edirol R-09 HR>CD Wav Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac Level 8.
Sector Boundaries Aligned Using Traders Little Helper.
Taped By Dave Boedicker. 
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Gov't Mule-The Chance,Poughkeepsie,N.Y. 03/20/99

Source:Sony TC-D5M cassette Master(Dolby On)>Nakamichi 300 Mics W/CP1
Cardioids>Sony TC-D5M Cassette Deck(Playback,Dolby Off)>Edirol R-09 HR>CD Wav
Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Aligned Using Traders
Little Helper.Taped By Dave Boedicker.


John The Revelator>
I've Been Working>
Thorazine Shuffle
Life before Insanity
Devil Likes It Slow
Wandering Child
Gamblers Roll>
Pass The Peas
Lay Your Burden Down
Little Wing
Pygmy Twilight>
Blind Man In The dark>
Mother earth
She Said>
Tomorrow Never Knows Jam>
Mountain jam Tease>
Tomorrow Never knows jam>
Tomorrow Never Knows Jam


* Third Stone From The Sun
* Spoonful

* = w/ Derek Trucks on guitar & Bill McKay on keyboards


1)Quality Is About A For The Most Part(Subjective Of Course)

2) Tape Flip After "Devil likes It Slow"(No Music Missed During Next Song
"Wandering Child")

3)Tape Flip After "Drums"(Just A Few Seconds Missing From "Tomorrow Never
Knows Jam Reprise)

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7f83e7e888a16874099d251cb8562b43 *Gov't Mule-Poughkeepsie 1999-03-20 Text Document.txt
183a754467b3ac73b99526a58a3fcf77 *Mule-Disc01,Track01.flac
51bf1fc0492328d6694ec0367df7bd20 *Mule-Disc01,Track02.flac
c8d58d5ee1f7d7aacc5895a96d2935ad *Mule-Disc01,Track03.flac
b1b9adb3cf4a220ecf33c9b8033b3f1b *Mule-Disc01,Track04.flac
1da782404b658387902e98f1d2519855 *Mule-Disc01,Track05.flac
e6e3e5d70da7a6cb1073aec81e105b16 *Mule-Disc01,Track06.flac
c27a3c2f67810064e42b4253a01bf0ee *Mule-Disc01,Track07.flac
7c9cd3929079ab84e4b655744c8df6fc *Mule-Disc01,Track08.flac
bf2f354ed9a07394a1de9dbb237d7dd2 *Mule-Disc01,Track09.flac
fefc8c3a28416ac6342e0d56bdeec430 *Mule-Disc01,Track10.flac
08dbfea74fa8e9b6d67fe532cc8c1c0e *Mule-Disc01,Track11.flac
310e22061efb773b086d5b8ff04bfc07 *Mule-Disc01,Track12.flac
d69ff940735b7d7ddef09c8648ebc06e *Mule-Disc02,Track01.flac
086580639896bb249b91cbe1dc8e636b *Mule-Disc02,Track02.flac
6e8933fbffebbdd379ec954bcb180ae2 *Mule-Disc02,Track03.flac
155f45fbaa3bc7b003c32271d848ce49 *Mule-Disc02,Track04.flac
048b6b00a1f7653ff2224c1ea5714a0c *Mule-Disc02,Track05.flac
1c1b02e1fd025557e01773d259956569 *Mule-Disc02,Track06.flac
dfc3b25defafc3928b3adb46ced33c47 *Mule-Disc02,Track07.flac
7a633dff88eed8c9be72f92f6a874649 *Mule-Disc02,Track08.flac
b2444802df197146c489dba2bc657cb6 *Mule-Disc02,Track09.flac
63b15ceaf23119333540997dae6944b6 *Mule-Disc02,Track10.flac
3be376dceec3459a6083d507cbdc2e1e *Mule-Disc02,Track11.flac
230bbf5c1a732081c0538bb0c89b8540 *Mule-Disc02,Track12.flac

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