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Gov't Mule 09/15/95
Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Albix
Checksums flac.ffp , flac.md5 , wav.md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary flac16; Original Lineage: Schoeps CMC 4uk/Mk-41 > Schoeps BZ941U > Sony CCD-V220 > Hi-8 > DVD
DVD Conversion: DVD Remsater Pro > Izotope RX Advanced (48>44.1 src) > Amadeus Pro (tracking) > xACT > Flac16  
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Gov't Mule
The Cotton Club
Atlanta, GA

Original Lineage: Schoeps CMC 4uk/Mk-41 > Schoeps BZ941U > Sony CCD-V220 > Hi-8 > DVD
DVD Conversion: DVD Remsater Pro > Izotope RX Advanced (48>44.1 src) > Amadeus Pro (tracking) > xACT > Flac16

Dusc 1:

01. Tuning/Introduction
02. Mule >
03. Rocking Horse >
04. Mr. Big >
05. Temporary Saint >
06. Trane >
07. Third Stone From The Sun Jam >
08. St. Stephen Jam >
09. Eternity's Breath
10. Pygmy Twylyte >
11. Blind Man in the Dark

Disc 2:
12. Grinnin' in Your Face >
13. Mother Earth
14. Left Coast Groovies >
15. Drums >
16. Left Coast Groovies >
17. World of Difference (fade out)

Disc 3:
18. Don't Step on the Grass, Sam > (fade in)
19. Painted Silver Light
20. Monkey Hill >
21. She's So Heavy Jam
22. The Same Thing >
23. Just Got Paid >
24. Mule Jam >
25. Who Do You Love? >
26. Just Got Paid >


27. Crowd/Announcements
28. The End of the Line
29. Guest Intro/Tuning
30.  Look On Yonder Wall

Warren Haynes - guitar,vocals
Allen Woody - bass, vocals
Matt Abts - drums

* Note: This audio was originally on a DVD I just received in a trade, I checked the .db and saw a few folks with the DVD listed and others with a Soundboard source listed that has circulated for some time, but I saw no one with this AUD copy alone. IMO this has excellent sound. I extracted the Audio from the dvd (16/48) and used Izotope to resample to 44.1 for CDA. NO OTHER DAE was preformed on this audio.

* There is an unknown guest that sits in for "Look On Yonder Wall" Warren introduces him but I could not make out his last name. Phil (?) Warren does mention he played for the "Firemonkeys" who opened for Mule that night. I could not find anything about the band or Phil. If anyone has any more information please feel free to let us know!

length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     0:45.46        8046236 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t01.Tuning-Intro.flac
     5:33.74       58915292 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t02.Mule.flac
     4:18.40       45605324 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t03.Rocking Horse.flac
     6:39.19       70428332 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t04.Mr. Big.flac
     5:50.13       61770620 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t05.Temporary Saint.flac
     6:37.15       70066124 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t06.Trane.flac
     2:13.00       23461244 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t07.Third Stone From The Sun Jam.flac
     2:52.56       30472556 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t08.St. Stephen Jam.flac
     3:38.48       38568140 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t09.Eternitys Breath Jam.flac
     2:14.03       23644700 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t10.Pygmy Twylyte.flac
     7:43.64       81823772 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t11.Blind Man In The Dark.flac
     1:44.73       18517340 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t12.Grinnin' In Your Face.flac
     9:00.54       95383052 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t13.Mother Earth.flac
     7:32.66       79888076 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t14.Left Coast Groovies.flac
     2:25.35       25660364 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t15.Drums.flac
     1:28.08       15542060 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t16.Left Coast Groovies.flac
    11:20.15      119987324 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t17.World of Difference.flac
     7:01.59       74403212 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t18.Dont Step On The Grass Sam.flac
     8:12.11       86814716 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t19.Painted Silver Light.flac
     4:37.53       48987500 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t20.Monkey Hill.flac
     1:06.29       11710652 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t21.Shes So Heavy jam.flac
     8:25.02       89086748 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t22.The Same Thing.flac
     2:19.73       24691340 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t23.Just Got Paid.flac
     2:07.06       22416956 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t24.Mule jam.flac
     1:38.66       17442476 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t25.Who Do you Love.flac
     2:26.49       25869692 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t26.Just Got Paid.flac
     1:10.72       12517388 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t27.Crowd-Announcements .flac
     7:11.72       76197788 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t28.End of The Line.flac
     1:42.30       18063404 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t29.Guest Intro-Tuning.flac
    10:38.69      112705532 B   ---   --   ---xx  gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t30.Look On Yonder Wall.flac
   140:39.20     1488687960 B                            0.5976  (30 files)

*************************** Original Info ****************************

Technical Info:
Audience Recording (tripod)
NTSC Format, 720 x 480, 4:3
Video: MPEG-2,29.970 frames/second
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer-2, 48000Hz 224 kb/second, stereo
Bitrate: 5994 kbps, system: 10080 kb/s VBR
Total Running Time: 2:06:29
6.58 GB Total

Video recorded with:
Sony Video 8 Pro Digital Stereo Camera Recorder CCD-V220

Audio recorded with:
Schoeps CMC 4uk microphone preamps with Mk-41 hypercardiod capsules and Schoeps popscreens, powered by Schoeps BZ941U

Tapes transferred with:
Sony EVS3000 PCM and Panasonic DMRE500H stand alone

Files ripped with:
DVD Decrypter

Video transcoded with:
VirtualDub-MPEG2 1.5.10

Audio transcoded with:
VobEdit 0.6 and BeSweet 0.6

Audio edited with:
Sound Forge Studio 6.0 and Diamond Cut 5.22

Show edited and rendered with:
Vegas Movie Studio 4.0

DVD authored with:
TMPGEnc DVD Author

DVD files burned with:

This was the third volume of the "Planet Hophead" series, which is an extensive collection of music video originally recorded by "Hophead," beginning in the 1980's.  This volume showcases the powerhouse Gov't Mule playin' music fer yer ass! I'd evaluate the audio/video quality as very good, considering the age of the tapes and the technology used.  The Planet Hophead logo, resized for a cover, is included in extras.


Show Checksums
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t03.Rocking Horse.flac:ec046c1eab1a6df789e24f949344d605
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t04.Mr. Big.flac:374c7625073026b9e4efb7af87f59214
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t05.Temporary Saint.flac:3e9bda0979e17efa36005299200ae561
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t07.Third Stone From The Sun Jam.flac:1b5edbe0626f88e1a4b317015aeb7a84
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t08.St. Stephen Jam.flac:6bc8a51957faac265d1f548695d7c204
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t09.Eternitys Breath Jam.flac:0412a35d08b20b3219714a1c77aa8bc3
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t10.Pygmy Twylyte.flac:363b811d845de293b597b1051451a2be
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t11.Blind Man In The Dark.flac:8adee3ed8a06b774878cf3e218643757
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t12.Grinnin' In Your Face.flac:d238ab8ef0f24bc132f35c46c7b481ef
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t13.Mother Earth.flac:d237d94fec9d4b1b438a08432a6ac48e
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t14.Left Coast Groovies.flac:6229272dc91895375d1f49bc287b43b5
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t16.Left Coast Groovies.flac:a61873b179b1e45e14d373e8a5323925
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t17.World of Difference.flac:d8ba1b3c5ac7cd262bb4ba4882c7d984
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t18.Dont Step On The Grass Sam.flac:b2292a84bef591333e4482d29092d70c
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t19.Painted Silver Light.flac:8fac7e7907cedfdc4f53a1aaa0a91f96
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t20.Monkey Hill.flac:26d337283c41dd2243da8654f6a619b2
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t21.Shes So Heavy jam.flac:20e7dcbc197059eab8bf9e68abf0c6fa
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t22.The Same Thing.flac:c373a49a2a806c8c0188caa6c27164b2
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t23.Just Got Paid.flac:be7abb3addeabc20b71d5c1f47409630
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t24.Mule jam.flac:e52e0d44a597b1785481caa0027bf04c
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t25.Who Do you Love.flac:5e0f50934ca6dc1fe71c3b2c6ffb4f0d
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t26.Just Got Paid.flac:f7c623c03d521f4f07b5c9b5bc8c61aa
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t27.Crowd-Announcements .flac:459e88d919fb371326b16a62db2e9ca0
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t28.End of The Line.flac:a3c83815c171d5c9e795fe57fdade65b
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t29.Guest Intro-Tuning.flac:04be31635dd797cf83e7ba69bc0242b8
gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t30.Look On Yonder Wall.flac:5f6acfc403bbf83561b6e82ca719dbe4
d68a2f868b677ce70f567476d8312b2b *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t01.Tuning-Intro.flac
5c65e288d68ceb674e11c2e2d2e766d6 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t02.Mule.flac
7311572844c5d1b8799be1373aa3f32c *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t03.Rocking Horse.flac
b71bd0cf54feea9a115a02bbc2b3f578 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t04.Mr. Big.flac
230c75b7bbeb605df821ed4d1d67e258 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t05.Temporary Saint.flac
722ccfb26bc4e07218864858d3911507 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t06.Trane.flac
0d5920a7e79c1a811d1ef3104adb1d51 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t07.Third Stone From The Sun Jam.flac
2690f65368b218e9cc845f2554f9ced6 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t08.St. Stephen Jam.flac
85553222ee1832cafd42dd28107c3d13 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t09.Eternitys Breath Jam.flac
e9aa007010270c362a085e936206f73a *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t10.Pygmy Twylyte.flac
670c71dbf3b2c2fe05ca6277d718a62d *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t11.Blind Man In The Dark.flac
171fe35022aeaeca31c7104e16e161bf *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t12.Grinnin' In Your Face.flac
0f769c32a98c611e22b5b45668603fad *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t13.Mother Earth.flac
9e5c6eddac32d0f7dd6b8994722cb909 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t14.Left Coast Groovies.flac
090c927d6da3c2f1a646f163bd6cd6f0 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t15.Drums.flac
e822e9696979be9862836be0e42f5d14 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t16.Left Coast Groovies.flac
b621897b133b996e403c61aeebf7bf9c *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t17.World of Difference.flac
ad03c301283b1b2a80751abff5c1c374 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t18.Dont Step On The Grass Sam.flac
3fae95dc16652b9b912eccec6f283089 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t19.Painted Silver Light.flac
577fc679ddf1cacf0ffa0be7ef8568c9 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t20.Monkey Hill.flac
dcaca49c4f2a17a79a81a25393d49959 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t21.Shes So Heavy jam.flac
d6b5fa5f13c8d686d9619a527f9ecb9b *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t22.The Same Thing.flac
b6eaf422633a60861444a3ad4e136707 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t23.Just Got Paid.flac
cb9fe21fa020b16067673b4badd615f1 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t24.Mule jam.flac
1e29c3b4f2620b8c09661bafe70ea4f8 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t25.Who Do you Love.flac
3ea008d746d46781d67554e992eada32 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t26.Just Got Paid.flac
73c3928ab3f01af53431aaecbe7be6cf *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t27.Crowd-Announcements .flac
58d43c087402fbb06c0ab0a6b6a7be1e *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t28.End of The Line.flac
b5283bbdd4daa108c50c6dbdc55f24c8 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t29.Guest Intro-Tuning.flac
bd7553993594cc24a617289b99de4ad7 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t30.Look On Yonder Wall.flac
3a7d33c844f45dbe31aaa0ceb94cabe3 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t01.Tuning-Intro.wav
4cb669ad38e488edcc740bf4b72aad2f *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t02.Mule.wav
9d021eb4e6afef0332d798ee1a3494e8 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t03.Rocking Horse.wav
bfb50c97efbc009fcc1c6c1049499f1b *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t04.Mr. Big.wav
a853d8dcba4bc6feb01adcd942ca8e5a *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t05.Temporary Saint.wav
6f87f231e82159ee33aa573a5aea4609 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t06.Trane.wav
367d2f5ce7887c63376576e9e704d3f1 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t07.Third Stone From The Sun Jam.wav
708f14e25007561f767d7b3a55dd40e6 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t08.St. Stephen Jam.wav
f1bf235ff2cd1225bd8af3b7c876e610 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t09.Eternitys Breath Jam.wav
ada4262ff01516ca56b7976af8306987 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t10.Pygmy Twylyte.wav
a3ed5c8b69011617c346d00e56e42ea4 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t11.Blind Man In The Dark.wav
1ac01f6d0fbe662db831bc62d4bab109 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t12.Grinnin' In Your Face.wav
4a89752ba75576c690092a2803cfa223 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t13.Mother Earth.wav
fcac401320259b3e1552cc686820e97a *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t14.Left Coast Groovies.wav
9fc64e17650863c2730c51e6d260492e *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t15.Drums.wav
a5cc60d680f7a15b51e67735383e8c7c *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t16.Left Coast Groovies.wav
655b588bd1c429c1c6babe68c562f5a9 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t17.World of Difference.wav
2d23cd24fe64dca2050b0eb8d4ac6a2d *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t18.Dont Step On The Grass Sam.wav
bcc30592f6d0aa7ab3d6d7d54fd35067 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t19.Painted Silver Light.wav
6de9084132000da6c62cbb89adfa89f4 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t20.Monkey Hill.wav
39dc2874c337b756c3f4901c1326c6a0 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t21.Shes So Heavy jam.wav
217eba65aecbb11e59fa78602c026b2e *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t22.The Same Thing.wav
f85ec265c652d45cd4d72e23d97e6bec *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t23.Just Got Paid.wav
60667887754b40048a7eb91403e09c60 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t24.Mule jam.wav
eac210d5996a26ce8b68c037d281bfa2 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t25.Who Do you Love.wav
27207bcab54bac7985e3384e59661e54 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t26.Just Got Paid.wav
be162f21eeb2eb1f69743ee158bcba76 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t27.Crowd-Announcements .wav
2cd1f70b5c4f07fccca0dda321faadba *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t28.End of The Line.wav
dd43e447f0c6d55c600b3a74fda756e5 *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t29.Guest Intro-Tuning.wav
291ed3b7256923fb40731a0073c5c5eb *gm1995-09-15.aud.mk41.t30.Look On Yonder Wall.wav

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