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North Mississippi Allstars 11/22/10
Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by vanark
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Source Summary flac16: AKG CK69s/480 > Sound devices 744T at 24/192 
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Another One For Woody Set2 11-22-2010 The North Mississippi Allstars Duo at the Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY

Set: List:
Sitting On Top of the World,
Shimmy She Wobble > Station Blues > Preachin’ Blues,
Glory Glory,
Po Black Maddie (w/ Gordie Johnson),
Straight To Hell (w/ Gordie Johnson),
Whiskey Rockin Rolla (w/ Artemis Pyle, Danny Louis, Audley Freed)

AKG CK69s with 480 Base crossed XY at about 40 deg. 12ft high center behind board > Sound devices 744T at 24/192 > Edited in Sound Forge  > 16/44.1  

Recorded and edited by Dave.
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86f3218cdf7fd2249f1d18c97c69f055 *1. Sitting On Top of the World.flac
883840466a4f58efa6f0ff827c8ed80d *2. Shimmy She Wobble_Station Blues_Preachin Blues.flac
eed36bca49166d6ee4da8982414f2446 *3. Glory Glory.flac
711365905ff6fb5d4b1c9239cbe60f5e *4. Po Black Maddie.flac
711681df8b43e8d78597508f1e8956c9 *5. Straight To Hell.flac
8b81ce48ad1a255f3ddc031a8d01f1b4 *6. Whiskey Rockin Rolla.flac
085ac6d02aa41541b5083865a0bba9c9 *Another One For Woody Set2 North Mississippi Allstars Duo 11-22-2010 finger print.txt
8b3b14751c0c91aed0a8f5b207b45988 *Info.txt
1. Sitting On Top of the World.flac:3f1c46e7edc38087e80d50dbf6072e8c
2. Shimmy She Wobble_Station Blues_Preachin Blues.flac:94c7a81abfc3d49d54277ead69522d51
3. Glory Glory.flac:8273cf4d77c44a97218e6941dadbef3d
4. Po Black Maddie.flac:1fc4048c8a3790512e52ac30c1c04b9e
5. Straight To Hell.flac:e7ee62dcbaef167753e2003b352fb9c2
6. Whiskey Rockin Rolla.flac:bf677deaa421e7fc05209ee61735fb41

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