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Grateful Dead 11/02/69
Family Dog at the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums orig-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary mr> c1> dat> turtle bch "Fiji"> SHN; via Teddy GoodBear, Doug Johnson; to abg, later to etree; note track names by title, have spaces and/or special characters; see pub comments for flaw note 
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mr>c1>dat>turtle bch "Fiji">SHN

CR&S, Midnight Hour, Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven>Death Don't.

For more NFO on etrees:

Posted to abgd.hs 5/00 by Doug Johnson via Teddy "Good Bear".
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f4aade1b1cc26e0a612399a26e818cea *gd69_11_02-01 Cold Rain & Snow.shn
24e3ce8a374a556db9dc621027b4dd39 *gd69_11_02-02 Midnight Hour.shn
45f63ccc5ab99f7b64ace856b768611f *gd69_11_02-03 Dark Star.shn
c769dba6ddfb7e8397f6f47229df8b8a *gd69_11_02-04 St. Stephen.shn
83dd408693ba331cf87a052f793c68ba *gd69_11_02-05 The Eleven.shn
aaf51fd952a7c7ecc444acfec2111be5 *gd69_11_02-06 Death Don't. Have No Mercy.shn
f4aade1b1cc26e0a612399a26e818cea *gd69_11_02-01coldrainsnow.shn
24e3ce8a374a556db9dc621027b4dd39 *gd69_11_02-02midnighthour.shn
45f63ccc5ab99f7b64ace856b768611f *gd69_11_02-03darkstar.shn
c769dba6ddfb7e8397f6f47229df8b8a *gd69_11_02-04st.stephen.shn
83dd408693ba331cf87a052f793c68ba *gd69_11_02-05theeleven.shn
aaf51fd952a7c7ecc444acfec2111be5 *gd69_11_02-06deathdont.havenomercy.shn
d3c5f98a13028f6a2ff99f5b788ffb3f [shntool] gd69_11_02-01coldrainsnow.shn
469ada57edbf16de7024a475a9491f71 [shntool] gd69_11_02-02midnighthour.shn
7188c416e30afcb0963ea6fc10fd2c58 [shntool] gd69_11_02-03darkstar.shn
ee42c6c2db26562877d9ad65a5d6d1c9 [shntool] gd69_11_02-04st.stephen.shn
b1271b21e24f15eca4cdcfcb9213f9f5 [shntool] gd69_11_02-05theeleven.shn
509c8a4612453a26e7496ec80e212268 [shntool] gd69_11_02-06deathdont.havenomercy.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; Recording... (1) Fixed version of (0)
Date User Comment
08/31/2000 Chris Track 4 (St. Stephen) has a stutter at about 6:23.
12/07/2001 j howe these shn's according to shntool aren't cut on sector boundries
12/07/2001 cole davis There is a fixed version going around. The text file in my copy states:
notes: the original files from had a couple of glitches
that were fixed: a stutter in The Eleven, and an odd left/right channel
mixup in Cold Rain & Snow (the left and right channels alternated at
intervals in the 1st couple of minutes or so). There's still a guitar
dropout in the left side which can't be fixed. I took the original
SHNs, combined them into one large WAV file with Addawave, edited
everything using Cool Edit Pro, then re-cut everything with CDWav.
10/01/2002 GDLIVE