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String Cheese Incident 07/20/02
Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
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Entered by Daniel Shay
Checksums All(shn) , All(wav)
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (FOB) B&K 4022 > Apogee MMe > DAT; Transfer: Sony D8 > Delta DiO 24/96 > Soundforge 5.0 > CDWave > mkwACT (.shn) 
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String Cheese Incident
Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
July 20, 2002

Source:  B&K 4022 (XY)-> Apogee MiniMe FOB

Transfer:  Sony D8-> Delta Dio 24/96 via coax-> Soundforge 5.0 (resampled to 44.1khz)->
           CDWave for track splits-> mkwACT for shnning

Taped By:  Craig Davis
Transferred By:  Jim Pollock

Notes:  First 1:53 of first set missing.  Material added from B&K 4023-> Lunatec V2-> AD2K+ DFC TS source.  Crossfaded from 1:53 to 2:00 of D1T1.

First 1:47 of second set missing.  Material from above same alternate source added.  Crossfaded from 1:47 to 2:10 of D2T1.

Disc One, Set One:
01. Round the Wheel
02. Lost->
03. Jam->
04. Dudley's Kitchen
05. Ten Miles to Tulsa
06. Turn This Around#
07. Freedom Jazz Dance?
08. Restless Wind?

Disc Two, Set Two:
01. House of the Rising Sun Intro->
02. Elvis' Wild Ride?*
03. Sittin' on Top of the World?*
04. Burning Down the House?**
05. It Is What It Is?
06. Windy Mountain

Disc Three, Set Two:
01. Best Feeling->
02. Jam->
03. Emma's Dream
04. Miss Brown's Teahouse^  
05. Way Back Home?  
Guests:  ? with Tony Furtado on banjo
? with Aaron Johnston on percussion  
Notes:  # with Dear Prudence verse
* acoustic
** with Keith and Kyle on keyboards (no bass)
^ with Swamp (Talking Heads) teases

First Time Played: Burning Down the House (Talking Heads cover)  
Show Checksums
52b7fdfd3c70996ac9122c6a61bb74b8 *sci2002-07-20d3t02.shn
d5b3dd968332738cb91537a75c235f0b *sci2002-07-20d1t02.shn
9dbd6140bf1555a6c67a98eb041283c5 *sci2002-07-20d1t03.shn
78ad3fd5c08bdc01645950b904d71006 *sci2002-07-20d1t04.shn
be14f245ee6f912c23aa0e6cda13b9c0 *sci2002-07-20d1t05.shn
89807df160c75619052f182e43d5bd34 *sci2002-07-20d1t06.shn
50f62c092bec18fe48f43a63af618e87 *sci2002-07-20d1t07.shn
fd060667efb93e847ebd8fe70fd548ab *sci2002-07-20d1t08.shn
062b7230fb53bb28b8aa531977eff78c *sci2002-07-20d2t01.shn
fcf436376c241a4baf5378ca76152360 *sci2002-07-20d2t02.shn
f573f4ec432c297c1004000d89c2d220 *sci2002-07-20d2t03.shn
9fbff6b9d2e6dd68d43a73c1b646f00b *sci2002-07-20d2t04.shn
957cabfa17aa865456ff49695662a26d *sci2002-07-20d2t05.shn
2cfbea36f84a4d32eb8ae0c612d7fa16 *sci2002-07-20d2t06.shn
4d86fecb7c7531d638a683e955e08e14 *sci2002-07-20d3t01.shn
21f0dd0d76ec2d0ce53213df11d0b22c *sci2002-07-20d1t01.shn
a9aaf6aae6f8de6275e150c4a031a835 *sci2002-07-20d3t03.shn
7f29c10bc9eaec76d87ec45e1e3320e8 *sci2002-07-20d3t04.shn
2905514717736c5ef9128a7eab979cd9 *sci2002-07-20d3t05.shn
7c196c5e03e9b996b344fb7a8fdb95ba *sci2002-07-20d1t01.wav
b8f205d48bd96ada0e8fec64b32becde *sci2002-07-20d2t01.wav
817b491c87ab67b69c57a8d8cf557f97 *sci2002-07-20d2t02.wav
76a549c592a283bf72c344d44d4eb712 *sci2002-07-20d1t02.wav
26816247d79f35142b1cb1b6749f0cc6 *sci2002-07-20d2t03.wav
fb33258624fef70507db8dc898574182 *sci2002-07-20d1t03.wav
6968ba3d1402354596ee5799dd91f261 *sci2002-07-20d1t04.wav
aacdd98207fb0cc5fa3ba92c1f28d198 *sci2002-07-20d1t05.wav
487c2cb5a51ba2c88feb0cc09952374b *sci2002-07-20d1t06.wav
9f64f7f6e7646b341168ee3dd5152873 *sci2002-07-20d1t07.wav
ffa499ce6e12ad50c133e12cb514d99b *sci2002-07-20d1t08.wav
1d7eb170f92b8571c6cbc65a74b846cc *sci2002-07-20d2t04.wav
93970884b8b0a33c3eed3907179ce717 *sci2002-07-20d2t05.wav
ae7d64d8ee7d936ab4ff16ee632518e4 *sci2002-07-20d2t06.wav
142f471133f5b2d379b32e1d3445041b *sci2002-07-20d3t01.wav
489577d9d49ca223ffad3d5a9f270d3a *sci2002-07-20d3t02.wav
02e5147067ada23d51e988d7b34e5e77 *sci2002-07-20d3t03.wav
ecb9e62c4f329a754a0a6b8f5b1a1e5e *sci2002-07-20d3t04.wav
3bca0d9bfac0ef38280a55da1343d783 *sci2002-07-20d3t05.wav

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