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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/02/96
Mandela Room, Binghamton, NY
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1shn-md5 , d2shn-md5
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Source Summary Neumann u89's (on stage) > low-end Radio Shack Mixer > Sony TC-FX211 > [email protected] > "REBA" > SHN; taped, transferred, seeded by Arty 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
Mandela Room; SUNY Binghamton

Source: Neumann u89's (on stage, as close as they'd let me get) > Cheap ass Radio Shack Mixer > Sony TC-FX211 > [email protected] > "REBA" > SHN

Disc 1:
Lonely Avenue
Open Improv > "Binghamton Slide Groove"* > Drum Outro >
Cape Verdean Blues
Night Marchers
Crosstown Traffic
-Set 2 Ending-
Bass Solo > Chubb Sub
Encore: Worms > The Lover+

Disc 2: Set 2 (beginning)

Open Improv >
Jelly Belly > Drum Solo
Lifeblood >
Dracula >
Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus

* 1st known performance
+ uncertain if this is in the fileset (not originally noted in setlist)

I taped this first and only taping experience....just happened to have a tape deck in my car that night from my own band's practice session. Just ran the mic's as clost to onstage & the PA as possible then to my deck via a 4 channel Radio Shack battery powered mixer....the noise in the Lonely Ave. was intro'd in the PCM stage, and I've since lost the analog masters to the oxidization this is about as good as it gets...the hiss was because I had no preamp's for the mic's and I was also being careful with the levels....the wow&flutter was my dirty heads, but it still sounds pretty damn good IMHO....

Another Artypants seed....questions, comments [email protected]
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e8e7356b4ef494e93a7dc2b07297593c *mmw96-11-02d01t01.shn
3a5eb13ccbdb228d7124af6769f3b171 *mmw96-11-02d01t02.shn
989343dc50de187ef8e8385de9bd4385 *mmw96-11-02d01t03.shn
169d7fd096e0c1e6de1c7d9b1b20ea8c *mmw96-11-02d01t04.shn
f0b81af96158103ebdcca3317262ac68 *mmw96-11-02d01t05.shn
e8ae47702d3288e85ad51e37520416c5 *mmw96-11-02d01t06.shn
8498f30f6a4c58df129dafcd2da823b3 *mmw96-11-02d01t07.shn
9bb089d2cfdfbb15eec28256229ba71e *mmw96-11-02d01t08.shn
c04d830c33ba15adf2ba030b52e5e1f8 *mmw96-11-02d02t01.shn
5aedb7f8fa0153718c80e40a846e6e17 *mmw96-11-02d02t02.shn
cba630e978b1fc79e89ce5c91f0f0755 *mmw96-11-02d02t03.shn
8d3e5e0772990bdb68124653e147c437 *mmw96-11-02d02t04.shn
47c4d171456dac0cbe87e3d179e577ed *mmw96-11-02d02t05.shn
406cf6f440ec2f3e5517490f3a124e10 *mmw96-11-02d02t06.shn
5e7a5901ad792734b42b87ceb354f30c *mmw96-11-02d02t07.shn
7b806fc1ed0261d18068f9fed24ce823 *mmw96-11-02d02t08.shn

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flac16; Source: SBD... (1) flac16; Source: SBD... (2)
Date User Comment
03/14/2007 twilight Tape speed may have been a problem when this show was recorded and/or transferred. This source is 6% faster than the other SBD source.
12/02/2011 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist based on SBD source. I do not have this AUD source, which seems like we maybe shouldn't circulate anyway due to pitch problem.

- not sure if The Lover is in this fileset as it was not originally listed in the setlist
- I presume the Drum Solo out of Jelly Belly is on the same track