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Grateful Dead 02/23/71
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary SBD> MR> DAT> SFNR>C D-R; via Leigh Orf; WBOTB source> distortion removed digitally (see notes
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Grateful Dead
Port Chester, NY


SFNR=Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction (narrow notch filter to remove whine
interference... see below)

Disc 1:

1. Uncle John's Band
2. Loser
3. Playing In The Band
4. Big Boss Man
5. China Cat Sunflower >
6. I Know You Rider
7. Me And Bobby McGee
8. Bertha
9. Next Time You See Me

Disc 2:

1. tuning
2. Morning Dew
3. Sugar Magnolia
4. Casey Jones
5. tuning
6. Me And My Uncle
7. Bird Song

Disc 3:

1. tuning
2. Truckin' >
3. Drums >
4. The Other One >
5. Wharf Rat
6. Greatest Story Ever Told
7. Good Lovin'
8. Not Fade Away > GDTRFB > Not Fade Away >
9. Johnny B. Goode

total size of shn files: 821637 kB
all wav files are the correct length for clean burning!


The short story:

1) I removed the whine (~8000 kHz tone at about +25 dB) from this show
that was present with the source reels using Sonic Foundry's Noise
Reduction algorithm, as I did with the earlier uploaded Port Chester
shows (2/18, 2/21, 2/24). For an explanation of the noise and how I
removed it, see

2) There are a couple of dropouts/glitches which I have
cleaned up as well as I can. These occurred when the DAT tape was
"ripped" to disk.

3) This show is as good as you're gonna get as far as I know because of
the NR and the excellent remastering from the original reels!

4) I've kept in all the intersong tuning/whatever. I figure others can
edit them down if the wish. I like having it there, sometimes funny
things are said and done :) plus you can always just hit FFWD on your CD
player remote to get to the next song!

The long story with regards to 2) above:

The DAT tape, a clone from the "whatever became of the bettys" tree a
while back, was borrowed and was read in on an old SGI indigo which has
firmware which can read DAT audio tapes and dump them to 48 kHz AIFF
files. Alas, I do not own a DAT machine and digital sound card, but I am
saving my money! Anyhow, the error correction on the SGI DAT drive was
pretty crappy, and there were a few dropouts/glitches on the read which
lasted anywhere from less than 1/75 s to a handful of seconds.

I have at my behest a professional quality DAT machine at a community
radio station I volunteer for (WORT) and brought my home tape deck in
which is a Harmon Kardon TD 4600, one of the earlier Dolby S decks (WORT
does not have a computer with a digital sound card). It is a very good
deck for analogue. The DAT deck at WORT was able to handle all of the
bad spots for this show that were not handled well by the SGI. I made a
dobly S copy of the bad spots, and pasted over (using an analogue AWE64
Soundblaster to go A->D) the glitches/droputs on the SGI read using
Sound Forge. The result is as good as i could do.  Bear in mind that the
total amount I had to paste over represent a total of about 20 seconds
across the entire show, and I was able to 'fix' them completely. The
worst section was during Drums where there were a couple of sections
where up to on the order of 5-10 seconds wasn't read, and hence was
pasted over with the analogue copy. I leave it up to you to find them :)

Leigh Orf
Show Checksums
cefd9638062ccfa7e44c09b1262d1538 *1_01.shn
a9d09c391a30f398e0679821f79c4c30 *1_02.shn
7a5c249108f4479484c2f1f2bab808dd *1_03.shn
78f9cb8565ce5365762382df56679667 *1_04.shn
b9d39e2f565e77b0a725c3d781e77cd4 *1_05.shn
805ab8b279b4784069141e440158d80e *1_06.shn
13ed67bbf8f6d67f0a5a2f6ef80c5322 *1_07.shn
e2dfc342ffc61a634099c7fe1e86648c *1_08.shn
87338ce39874d56183310d47fc9dd5a5 *1_09.shn
ab53539148a41d5ea03d3afc89626b7a *2_01.shn
03de96bfc8eb8080d68f6a6f2b51fd64 *2_02.shn
332783a906c111a3726d7cc5c177c9dc *2_03.shn
2b296bbac100e63599d068bbcf5017a3 *2_04.shn
0c4e9e4ff10a353c0b78e8c75d06fb65 *2_05.shn
431a50d023a3c02408a3dd2d11a3ed93 *2_06.shn
1bc5d293acc3c069895d31818c8348d2 *2_07.shn
fb1818d6144d787fcc51222838419d7a *3_01.shn
5fb17fc931c4ac82e09a7f5a484ec3c6 *3_02.shn
1f629cce44dd4a6a29667eccbcf2a027 *3_03.shn
d54385438f205f5a3401d459fb9491ce *3_04.shn
e4a030c14fa52fa0d84b7765d50d4798 *3_05.shn
bb187ec1059f5498f86bd903a455c6f5 *3_06.shn
d888998759466c257a1f363da211f646 *3_07.shn
b108f7ab4ffb02c26b56cc73876ef339 *3_08.shn
b710f7dcc3b0d886cafb157e6956d998 *3_09.shn
f2526c3eb7e4d86075c147284c917517 [shntool] 1_01.shn
2ac0771da56bee6c294643935167931f [shntool] 1_02.shn
48aa96551f7266a6b7d50c89c3071c16 [shntool] 1_03.shn
4ed2d6d667c31cfbb9bb60c84f5581f6 [shntool] 1_04.shn
e11dc489fdf5e9b5712e5c2d8e3161f8 [shntool] 1_05.shn
fbb907daff1a49271bd4a1ec432b5df7 [shntool] 1_06.shn
9c8f24ba3dbf8e8b047ba0868dccfa37 [shntool] 1_07.shn
01afdc22359a64e8125b7a77a0e21b2f [shntool] 1_08.shn
d90dbc6014ab9e93535b336072c703d1 [shntool] 1_09.shn
98521afa1cc2f457c13a3eb7b1e7146c [shntool] 2_01.shn
76b9b2e71f09eae58ad21a6989ba886a [shntool] 2_02.shn
4d7dcd30b3449dec7d124665e5abc1f8 [shntool] 2_03.shn
b54293802d6f0202dd1ce98cb48db316 [shntool] 2_04.shn
3361ff490a5722314dc47203bab7b1ea [shntool] 2_05.shn
7dbaff6f15dfd84022626c606db957eb [shntool] 2_06.shn
a6bf91e65bcc05c35b5c711f85d2b68f [shntool] 2_07.shn
724dda944c31038f9a8b0d48a1072471 [shntool] 3_01.shn
7d1d9a7d799ac94819c5bbac55e24855 [shntool] 3_02.shn
7f3f870fe695de1d4d863c1878b8558f [shntool] 3_03.shn
4e8f7407a19ceb1481844cd5c5c1797a [shntool] 3_04.shn
66ceccc93c7b5dffb375a7d11f8c0f6c [shntool] 3_05.shn
c6e38f16812cc7e68feb2a98bf9f9ec3 [shntool] 3_06.shn
817d571e95f686dba3fe10d2fc4f2c0f [shntool] 3_07.shn
297204e7934c431e16d2649da5c882c1 [shntool] 3_08.shn
6c39d6f1d8e524c954cea6a5e7360716 [shntool] 3_09.shn

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