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New Riders of the Purple Sage 11/06/70
Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Scott
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Source Summary cassette master(1) > cassette copy(2) > my reel copy(3) at 3-3/4 ips 
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Some spelling mistakes in torrented text. Please use below when retorrenting on other trackers. Sorry but I forgot to run spell checker 1st.

Teddy :wave:
Friday, November 6, 1970
Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY


For this run of shows at the Capitol Theater Nov. 5-8 the Dead played a single concert each night from Thursday to Sunday. The Capitol Theater's Village Voice ad for October 1 lists shows "featuring NRPS" at 8:00 PM on November 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th.

11/06/70 is another of the infamous "usher tapes." Ken Lee worked at the Capitol Theater, and was able to set up to record at the balcony rail. Like 06/24/70 and 11/08/70, this tape is pretty sublime, all 1970 caveats considered. The room ambiance is quickly absorbed into your ear's psyche, and before long you are feeling very much perched on the lip of the balcony, taking everything in.

-- see "nrps1970-11-06_review.txt" for more on this review
-- see "Ken_&_Judy_Leigh_-_The_Port_Chester_Restoration_Project.txt" for more on Ken & Judy Lee

BAND - New Riders of the Purple Sage
John Dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals
David Nelson - lead guitar, vocals
David Torbert - bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Mickey Hart - drums

SET1 Grateful Dead "Soundcheck" set
SET2 Grateful Dead "Acoustic" set
SET3 Total {71:34}; "NRPS" set

1.  microphone check      {00:26}
2.  Workin' Man Blues     {04:18}
3.  I Don't Know You      {04:43}
4.  Watcha Gonna Do?      {05:45}
5.  Glendale Train        {06:18}
6.  Portland Woman        {06:17}
7.  Fair Chance to Know   {05:19}
8.  All I Ever Wanted     {07:20}
9.  Truck Driving Man     {03:41}
10. Lodi                  {06:06}
11. Me & Bobby McGee      {04:24}
12. Louisiana Lady        {04:08}*
13. The Weight            {07:05}*
14. Honky Tonk Women      {05:38}

Teddy notes May 2011: *retracked May 2011

SET4 Grateful Dead "Electric" set
SET5 Grateful Dead "Electric" set

There is no SBD master of this show from the former GD Vault.
From: Teddy GoodBear
To: Dave Tamarkin
Subject: Re: 11/6/70
Date: Monday, February 14, 2000 12:41 PM

Who was the taper for both? Were you the taper for the small portion
"cassette master"? And do you know what equipment you or he or they used?

: cassette master(1) > cassette copy(2) > my reel copy(3)
: at 3-3/4 ips > your dat(4) except(5) for the small portion
: during the acoustic set with the quality difference,
: Brokedown and part of El Paso from my cassette master
: > my reel copy at 3-3/4 ips > your dat(4).

Teddy notes May 2011:
(1) Ken & Judy Lee - CM
(2) From Dave Tamarkin's friend "Brother-In-Law" to Ken & Judy
(3) Dave Tamarkin - reel
(4) GoodBear DAT
(5) Dave Tamarkin AUD recording with either a Sony Dictaphone or Panasonic Portable

Add - GoodBear DAT > CDR (Feb to May 2000) > EAC (May 2011) > FLAC
From: From:
Subject: Re: 11/6/70 & 8/17/70?
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 7:07 PM

I don't know the name of the guy* who taped the bulk of that show, but he* was
the infamous usher* who's been mentioned for years. He* did almost everyone who
played there but after a falling out with my friend, his* brother in law, we
never got to dub most of his stash. What was gotten includes several dead, nrps,
janis, tuna, tull, allmans, delaney & bonnie, traffic & j.a. shows. He* would
set up off the balcony with a mike spread. I have no idea what he* used. that
small acoustic portion was mine on a panasonic portable, if memory serves.

What you have as 8/17/70 is the same as what i have. As i mentioned, it was on
one his* tapes with no info. He* didn't trade so we don't know where else it
could have been from.

hope this all helps.

Teddy notes May 2011: *Ken and Judy Lee
----- Original Message -----

From: Dave Tamarkin
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 20:17:11 EST
Subject: 11/6/70

Hi folks, my name is Dave Tamarkin. For many years now I've been trying
to correct the base on the subject of 11/6/70 capitol, port chester. This
was my 1st show. I was already quite familiar with existing released lp's
of the dead. Anyway, I brought a recorder with me not knowing about things
like fresh  batteries and how long these guys really play, I only managed
to get a small part of the show. Many years later, I found out that my
friend's brother in law* was the often mentioned mystery usher* who may have
recorded some shows. He* had a deal with the promoter to tape off the balcony
while tending to his job. His* was the source for many good tapes from there,
including jethro tull, hot tuna, janis joplin, traffic and more. My copy of this
show has the acoustic brokedown palace, followed by ujb to close the set. Also,
if you listen closely, after good lovin, you hear a mention of a break to change
a string, if  memory serves. After the break, alligator follows. One show that
night! i walked in about 8:15 and left about 2. And yes, the nrps set does exist
on tape, at least from that night.

keep up the good work, DT

Teddy notes May 2011: *Ken and Judy Lee

RECORDING 18 AF 80 A? & 90 AF. **NRPS set & missing acoustic dead songs
surfaced 2/00, originating from David Tamarkin to Teddy GoodBear.
CD1 {Total Time - 74:47}: DEAD acoustic soundcheck and acoustic Set1
CD2 {Total Time - 71:34}: NRPS Set
CD3 {Total Time - 79:30}: DEAD Set2 1st electric
CD4 {Total Time - 56:44}: DEAD Set3 2nd electric
Teddy :^)

PS - Thanks Dave Tamarkin for getting me started with Dead tape trading around 1975/1976. I still have those very 1st cassettes from the Fillmore East you gave me back then!!! And it was good to see you again Dave when I was in Long Island after more then 15 years in the year 2000!

Encoded by: Teddy "Good Bear" & posted the 1st time to "alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed" May 2000* with the help of Doug Johnson.

Teddy notes May 2011: *I'm not sure if I posted only MP3 files or both MP3 and SHN in May 2000? Shnid=3338 may very well be a decode from MP3>WAV>SHN for the 3/2001 to etree via Morgan Evans?
    Teddy "GoodBear" Home Grown Project! ~ May 1, 2011
; generated on May 1, 2011, at 21:07:30
; encoding by Teddy "GoodBear"
Show Checksums
74e42d679382b8e83d23ef32e9c6d5a7 *nrps1970-11-06_t01_microphone_check.flac
d0dbeca0dd05e463e6689cfe0af13d5c *nrps1970-11-06_t02_Workin'_Man_Blues.flac
b67076e21317d41ba2d7a58d151b3b9e *nrps1970-11-06_t03_I_Don't_Know_You.flac
145da3cdec4c47c40bd200375df518da *nrps1970-11-06_t04_Watcha_Gonna_Do.flac
ccae99aa63c4ee0496ec0f32b967aa31 *nrps1970-11-06_t05_Glendale_Train.flac
5dd8b2b3643a9a58904665cbb47f7dd2 *nrps1970-11-06_t06_Portland_Woman.flac
c8b644a97c69a80e4f94052e94b95761 *nrps1970-11-06_t07_Fair_Chance_to_Know.flac
938f2b8da3205102222968e0af1b90db *nrps1970-11-06_t08_All_I_Ever_Wanted.flac
6b0a0732c761e8ce967a6af9e2cfd1c4 *nrps1970-11-06_t09_Truck_Driving_Man.flac
02af5bfb397f4cc913b9677923975c88 *nrps1970-11-06_t10_Lodi.flac
36659864dde7ed7cfdb06d75a9ac560d *nrps1970-11-06_t11_Me_&_Bobby_McGee.flac
83cc18e2d845244c711d0afe5bbc11a8 *nrps1970-11-06_t12_Louisiana_Lady.flac
9a3effde935d6657f37f2cec71050913 *nrps1970-11-06_t13_The_Weight.flac
8cb08bbe7075cdd8dee76fdc9ad22a4a *nrps1970-11-06_t14_Honky_Tonk_Women.flac

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