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Grateful Dead 08/??/73
Record Plant, Sausalito, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Betty> BCM> DAT> DAT> DIO 2448> SHN 
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Grateful Dead
Wake of the Flood - Studio Outtakes

Betty> BCM> DAT> DAT> DIO 2448> SHN

1) Here Comes Sunshine
2) Here Comes Sunshine
3) Let me Sing
4) Let it Grow
5) Row Jimmy
6) Eyes of the World
7) WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1
8) WRS Prelude
9) WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1
10) Stella Blue
11) Stella Blue
12) Here Comes Sunshine
13) Here Comes Sunshine
14) Let Me Sing

The date applied, according to Deadbase, is when the dead entered the
studio to record WOTF.

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2a5d7f9932f221a06e15ba25f090543a *gd1973-08-XXt01.shn
56c04dd3bc08fdadf1abc66a41a39c3e *gd1973-08-XXt02.shn
a5289a530fa5fd217c76f1511df07a1e *gd1973-08-XXt03.shn
c79c4f791c0711fdd1a3a575c3493050 *gd1973-08-XXt04.shn
8558a37f943a8856f8dbcf43898704fe *gd1973-08-XXt05.shn
6ec5417f24bbab8584bb9ece590638bb *gd1973-08-XXt06.shn
946c75f2c7b231dce198545a5e77455f *gd1973-08-XXt07.shn
bf1598b5a3622f885dadb50c3971c4bb *gd1973-08-XXt08.shn
2ce1b40304873b059953b662ee870137 *gd1973-08-XXt09.shn
1a0bd6323989395d7f0db62b0f5e0fc3 *gd1973-08-XXt10.shn
4c5a8ce525bb47197a4e40c2166522d2 *gd1973-08-XXt11.shn
b88895d19e60d351b19a571095f2af74 *gd1973-08-XXt12.shn
83799ceeb2662346a9970539638218ef *gd1973-08-XXt13.shn
f514d4d15d9320523c7d7788eab88d7a *gd1973-08-XXt14.shn

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