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Allman Brothers Band 03/14/02
Beacon Theater, New York, NY
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Neumann Km 184 Mics > Phantom Power > Sony Sbm 1 > Sony Pcm 1
Tascam Da-p1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit > Traders Little Helper
Taper : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon 
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Allman Brothers Band, Beacon Theater, New York, NY 2002-03-14

Taper : Joe D'Amico  ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Editing : Joe D'Amico  ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Neumann Km 184 Mics > Phantom Power > Sony Sbm 1 > Sony Pcm 1

Tascam Da-p1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit > Traders Little Helper

Disc 1 : 1st Set :
02-Midnight Rider
03-Come And Go Blues
04-Trouble No More
05-Woman Across The River
06-Black Hearted Woman
07-Old Before My Time
08-Rockin' Horse
09-Done Somebody Wrong
10-Instrumental Illness

Disc 2 : 2nd Set :
01-Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
02-Heart Of Stone
03-Firing Line
04-Worried Down With The Blues
06-Same Thing
07-One Way Out
Encores :
08-Mountain Jam W/Drums & Bass
09-Statesboro Blues W/ Rob Barraco,Keyboards
Show Checksums
abb2002-03-14d1t02-Midnight Rider.flac:61a079b267e71d57e9faf83652adc4bd
abb2002-03-14d1t03-Come And Go Blues.flac:2f63f34cbc35480509fa2189a574ad54
abb2002-03-14d1t04-Trouble No More.flac:0fc2de608cf514a17d60b52d06b8f994
abb2002-03-14d1t05-Woman Across The River.flac:67efdffb8f95152e3767cdc8c4fd68b3
abb2002-03-14d1t06-Black Hearted Woman.flac:77a1d9c41d3255bb24363c32ed033d70
abb2002-03-14d1t07-Old Before My Time.flac:0a5479150f002fecff36a95e74464a3a
abb2002-03-14d1t08-Rockin' Horse.flac:dc28fd33580fcaff2272f1803bf0128f
abb2002-03-14d1t09-Done Somebody Wrong.flac:e5ef27072d746df02d1dbfafbbd02331
abb2002-03-14d1t10-Instrumental Illness.flac:736394186ff4a9b7dffc6bbe35ef15c1
abb2002-03-14d2t01-Don't Keep Me Wonderin'.flac:0c3b6f7f722672fd967fee413c069a5c
abb2002-03-14d2t02-Heart Of Stone.flac:320ae70bfa15f60091fe109353da7151
abb2002-03-14d2t03-Firing Line.flac:3d0472daf0d2a188e1e9e0ae42a19b7b
abb2002-03-14d2t04-Worried Down With The Blues.flac:995b6516b9195e1b956c592f7416eaac
abb2002-03-14d2t06-Same Thing.flac:c486a4b4a60b013e05a0c641f95fd881
abb2002-03-14d2t07-One Way Out.flac:e78022da27385c2784f91e58d91afd7e
abb2002-03-14d2t08-Mountain Jam.flac:51dcf02fd24a78c532e223cc54ec81ff
abb2002-03-14d2t09-Statesboro Blues.flac:c4401a4685318f53f729630fdb7aebe4

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