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New Riders of the Purple Sage 07/30/70
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Scott
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Source Summary MR(Abrams)>[email protected] 7.5 ips.(Peter Kafer)>R @ 7.5 ips.(Will Boswell) > CD 
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New Riders Purple Sage
The Matrix,
San Francisco

MR(Abrams)>[email protected] 7.5 ips.(Peter Kafer)>R @ 7.5 ips.(Will Boswell) >  CD

Transfered and mastered by Matt Smith 5/11

disc #1
01. Workingman's Blues (6:19)
02. Together Again (2:31)
03. Tuning (loud hissing) (2:19)
04. I Don't Know You (5:00)
05. Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line (4:03)?
06. Superman (4:15)
07. Henry (4:34)
08. I'm In Love With You (4:45)
09. Me & My Uncle (4:15)
10. Mama Tried (3:19)

disc #2
01. All I Ever Wanted (10.02)
02. Louisiana Lady (4:28)
03. Honky Tonk Women (6:01)
04. Whatcha Gonna Do (4:57)
05. Glendale Train (6:41)
06. Lodi (5:19)
07. If You Hear Me When I'm Leavin' (5:51)
08. Sweet Lovin' One (4:08)

disc #3
01. Portland Woman (7:09)
02. Delilah (4:07)
03. Dirty Business (9:47)
04. Last Lonely Eagle (8:03)
05. Hello Trouble (3:49)
06. Big Yellow Taxi (4:01)
07. The Weight (7:24)    

John Dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals
David Nelson - lead guitar, vocals
David Torbert - bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Mickey Hart - drums

Matt's notes:

Of course this is mere speculation but...  This show is comprised of 3 diff. reels.  The GD set is on the High Country reel, another reel is listed as 7-30-70 and the third, 4-30-70.  Obviously the GD part and the 7-30-70 go together but I beleive the 4-30-70 is the second half of the New riders show.  the mix is the same and all the songs are different and back then there were certain tunes they always played every show.  Another reason is if they actually played on 4-30 then that would mean they would have a gig the next night in New York opening for the Dead!  My guess is that the bill was listed as a New Riders with a few GD members there who just wanted to practice a few new tunes in the beginning of the night then let the New Riders play the rest.  Let the debate begin!!

my notes:
Thanks Matt
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75db613a036afa22bb99f4a85423bdab *nrps1970-07-30d1t01.flac
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d5025efba8ece7c8121cd1bfb32cbb21 *nrps1970-07-30d1t03.flac
6b9120dc431759dce48d775561d7ee60 *nrps1970-07-30d1t04.flac
9b866fda1ba83a017bdb2f44ffb0dd94 *nrps1970-07-30d1t05.flac
29db534aa8f5052495b8854d12be3814 *nrps1970-07-30d1t06.flac
3c79c6db2ddbd6a2d94748ea70ef7630 *nrps1970-07-30d1t07.flac
b6ff9a0788307d916e1595984cd6446a *nrps1970-07-30d1t08.flac
100ae92303a7f5593d184903e317c54e *nrps1970-07-30d1t09.flac
8504538a56847e0d608ec28552b628aa *nrps1970-07-30d1t10.flac
742fd225e54dc65ff6ff23ac64587ebe *nrps1970-07-30d2t01.flac
0fd396dd2776a2dac899978ad89ca457 *nrps1970-07-30d2t02.flac
7268840b38b75c2734cfdb5996538b92 *nrps1970-07-30d2t03.flac
992e258172a50d9c546a54b9d5b34f9e *nrps1970-07-30d2t04.flac
3d674e3c6503a5a8c44bf345720d2638 *nrps1970-07-30d2t05.flac
35caf5c753fd65993834561b86ecea8c *nrps1970-07-30d2t06.flac
48dc1617c2be4a42b3f80a43c12627a0 *nrps1970-07-30d2t07.flac
65041083f5077e629755b377c3f30daf *nrps1970-07-30d2t08.flac
eba7bdad851a1f85f5fe91e412029c37 *nrps1970-07-30d3t01.flac
ac93952c060cd91c79b48e91e5fb0303 *nrps1970-07-30d3t02.flac
2a4be819a88039b893274a4d5abe4386 *nrps1970-07-30d3t03.flac
dac70f2c84211b576e15825cc13fd5be *nrps1970-07-30d3t04.flac
6b502c936b2c48d3b8b8b6f1b9d53bd4 *nrps1970-07-30d3t05.flac
69289ad94854c308e5d6ff9aeee78809 *nrps1970-07-30d3t06.flac
cabdc85b78480f86f8077335775767b4 *nrps1970-07-30d3t07.flac

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