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North Mississippi Allstars 06/04/11
Mountain Jam - West Stage, Hunter, NY
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Source Summary flac24: Neumann TLM-170 (hypercards) > Sound Devices 722 (@24/96 
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North Mississippi All Stars Duo
Mountain Jam - West stage
Hunter Mountain, NY

Neumann TLM-170 (hypercards, official tapers section just to the left of the board, front right corner) -> Sound Devices 722 (@24/96); Tracked in CDWav.

1.  intro
2.  Shake 'em On Down
3.  Let It Roll
4.  banter
5.  Po Black Maddie ->
6.  Skinny Woman
7.  Drums
8.  Po Black Maddie (reprise)
9.  banter - Luther appreciates Avetts and Mavis
10. The Meeting
11. banter - back to the front porch
12. Goin' Home
13. This A'way
14. Shake (What You Mama Gave You)
15. Jellyrollin' All Over Heaven
16. Goin' Down South
17. Psychedelic Sex Machine *
18. All Night Long ->
19. Meet Me In The City ->
20. All Night Long
21. banter - Mavis put us in the right frame
22. Drinking Muddy Water
23. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down
24. thanks / announcements

* with Cody Dickinson on electric washboard, Terrence Higgins on drums

Recorded, Mastered, and tracked by Scott Bernstein
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15b4c3d70cea129685723001d4ad6276 *nmas2011-06-04t01.flac
9ccaf06149f6dd6de183ab641ee838b8 *nmas2011-06-04t02.flac
455fe4d3653fdb03a766deeecb915ddf *nmas2011-06-04t03.flac
e0eba8af38c6fe142dcb24fc3592966c *nmas2011-06-04t04.flac
b5524c6bf127ed90c3eccc7986a0eb55 *nmas2011-06-04t05.flac
3ba52e353800cb0b4b7c21e0cfccc06b *nmas2011-06-04t06.flac
b132aea167acbe23ff55d7ee6c978848 *nmas2011-06-04t07.flac
908f9534d2222dbeea7ffb36e0199c2b *nmas2011-06-04t08.flac
ed87540d816054cb7a396558dc60e306 *nmas2011-06-04t09.flac
70d33b91a17f16580d68d64b3516575c *nmas2011-06-04t10.flac
e3d22b03768e38f57fa3d5bc2d7cf8a0 *nmas2011-06-04t11.flac
4e7256708857f146debdfcdd2fc8b02f *nmas2011-06-04t12.flac
c26af96a367d70bb4ba12316f48e9e51 *nmas2011-06-04t13.flac
ae7238db16f00ef761d6b2ee0b90c636 *nmas2011-06-04t14.flac
7136f356eb99b1e0af026a7b802e6ac0 *nmas2011-06-04t15.flac
a5b7f88f9963527ba884e237efa675e6 *nmas2011-06-04t16.flac
e14a649f1f450aacc4b35d7133c58d20 *nmas2011-06-04t17.flac
8c9aec853472ec28d3cfe8e484ce73d8 *nmas2011-06-04t18.flac
13d8d111baf1df907d34c4f2d38430ab *nmas2011-06-04t19.flac
2a9f88bc25d89e33b3dd35b5d52a5755 *nmas2011-06-04t20.flac
b9d55302a2aca45fe6301e9fe68e8210 *nmas2011-06-04t21.flac
de0c0640304ac3a95bbac9dcde9f48af *nmas2011-06-04t22.flac
69818f36c7b0e4d9158401896e641357 *nmas2011-06-04t23.flac
34957b846613de121554b492020db6f0 *nmas2011-06-04t24.flac

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