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Grateful Dead 10/13/80
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5
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Source Summary flac16; source: unknown audience recording > cassette x2 > CDR (using Nakamichi BX300 playback > H/K CDR2 (stand alone CD recorder); transfer: CDR > MacBook using Xact to create flac files, no other work has been done on this recording 
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Grateful Dead
October 13, 1980
Warfield Theatre - San Francisco

source: unknown audience recording > cassette x2 > CDR (using Nakamichi BX300 playback > H/K CDR2 (stand alone CD recorder) The whereabouts of the master recording or first gen cassette are unknown. Hopefully they surface one day, but this will have to do.
transfer: CDR > MacBook using Xact to create flac files, no other work has been done on this recording

acoustic set
01 "Weir's wedding anniversary"
02 On the Road Again
03 Bird Song
04 El Paso
05 To Lay Me Down
06 Heaven Help the Fool (instrumental)
07 Jack-a-Roe
08 The Race Is On
09 Deep Elem Blues >
10 Ripple
electric set 1
11 Sugaree >
12 Minglewood Blues
13 Peggy-O

electric set 1 continued
01 CC Rider
02 Big Railroad Blues
03 Lazy Lightning > Supplication
04 /Deal
electric set 2
05 Cold Rain and Snow
06 Samson and Delilah
07 Ship of Fools

electric set 2 continued
01 Lost Sailor >
02 Saint of Circumstance >
03 Jam >
04 Drums/
05 Drumspace >
06 He's Gone >
07 The Other One >
08 Stella Blue >
09 /Around and Around/
10 Johnny B. Goode
11 Casey Jones

notes: really neat show from the Warfield run. Acoustic set has been circulating as a board for sometime, but the electric set has not circulated for some reason, so I felt compelled to get this out there. Items of note include an extended 6 minute intro for Samson & Delilah as well as one of only a few He's Gone performances after space.

1. Original taper paused between songs and I have not smoothed this over.
2. tape flip before Deal, slight pause
3. Jam after Saint is really short and could have just as easily been part of Saint instead of its own track
4. tape flip in Drums, slight pause
5. overlap and pause between Stella and Around. No music missing, just an overlap that can be fixed by someone who can do that stuff
6.tape flip at very end of Around, a few notes of Johnny B. Goode are missing

I think the taper was using a handheld stereo mic and moved around a bit as the quality of the recording fluctuates in spots, especially the in the first electric set. Second electric set sounds pretty good all around. Enjoy!


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3cfb00dc93f7dcd1990e4bff72f96416 *gd80-10-13.d01t01.flac
a6119e8d4037144723fc6f3d1cf79227 *gd80-10-13.d01t02.flac
f4335043802fe1a682148387d56e66f3 *gd80-10-13.d01t03.flac
5e2ebb3c60be31329811508edd7df335 *gd80-10-13.d01t04.flac
76cf8120beb50a8f4ee8094ba2d76cce *gd80-10-13.d01t05.flac
9220da95e1550af62905883b13c5f198 *gd80-10-13.d01t06.flac
820073e69897d177b536276e1dc9df6c *gd80-10-13.d01t07.flac
dc11aecbd58249425677af7464a863d5 *gd80-10-13.d01t08.flac
d6aa8c1575c2721ab73080b7a77ae977 *gd80-10-13.d01t09.flac
1318fbf12004a4f7121c3bd63b0ede83 *gd80-10-13.d01t10.flac
788c42eedf2c7eb14dd643a5a6717fdb *gd80-10-13.d01t11.flac
31228f40fb4a0cc543e7e0f263c918da *gd80-10-13.d01t12.flac
9eb9817b203bd0a93841c268e36bcad0 *gd80-10-13.d01t13.flac
2e5b1f56689fe99a8c55037a17457bce *gd80-10-13.d02t01.flac
553ac5fc14e20e0a4552a8c1ed98c1fa *gd80-10-13.d02t02.flac
97a683d2b2b8c0d7571095753774d190 *gd80-10-13.d02t03.flac
64b9d1ed4e9eeaa9d799656cc0336a2c *gd80-10-13.d02t04.flac
47b9c4ae5cb65b1c5a0a492078bafefc *gd80-10-13.d02t05.flac
c0ec56ac7cea40eb8cc9b709f02e9cfb *gd80-10-13.d02t06.flac
91c90ab50827477fcfd2e0ee1e3d13f8 *gd80-10-13.d02t07.flac
3f0fcc5d5268a78409d4105ddfc38444 *gd80-10-13.d03t01.flac
54658f367928d55dcf3b52536ba78f3c *gd80-10-13.d03t02.flac
a881c50dd3ecfff12df6ff14746a348b *gd80-10-13.d03t03.flac
4ab67e37d626a20a861a90bb8cba3874 *gd80-10-13.d03t04.flac
3c981dddd671ba1f0c3f464ff274bc16 *gd80-10-13.d03t05.flac
ed819e11a477aa82a54e1c7e3a37d221 *gd80-10-13.d03t06.flac
9df344f7a5a9dd826e72b08f13b91a1e *gd80-10-13.d03t07.flac
6633c1a91bda13e999ebc7fbeee71549 *gd80-10-13.d03t08.flac
d6e8882c4bf7077cb9070e961eb728a3 *gd80-10-13.d03t09.flac
ec811ade03551435592c781bd9914432 *gd80-10-13.d03t10.flac
1aaf247da0c9d2c6ac1ade425e216e25 *gd80-10-13.d03t11.flac

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