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Grateful Dead 11/17/78
Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary 2nd set plus Shakedown opener; See info file for details; AUD>MC>??>DAT>CDR; Seeded to etree by T. Wiley 
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Grateful Dead
Uptown Theatre
Chicago, IL

Source: AUD>MC>??>DAT>CDR

Conversion: EAC(secure)>CD WAV>SHN(seekable)

CD 1 {54:08.71}
01. Shakedown Street {7:50.47}
XX. Mama Tried->*
XX. Mexicali Blues*
XX. Peggy-O*
XX. Cassidy*
XX. Tennessee Jed*
XX. Passenger*
XX. Friend Of The Devil*
XX. I Need A Miracle*

CD 1 Cont.
02. Bertha-> {6:45.28}
03. Good Lovin' {8:02.57}
04. Ship Of Fools {8:58.00}
05. Estimated Prophet-> {11:24.17}
06. Eyes Of The World-> {10:22.12}
07. Drums// {0:45.60}

SET 2 Cont.
CD 2 {37:19.23}
01. //Drums-> {6:31.04}
02. Space-> {4:56.18}
03. Terrapin Station-> {11:38.67}
04. Around And Around {8:53.00}
05. Casey Jones {5:20.09}

COMMENTS: * songs are missing. D1t07 drums cuts off and picks up
          on D2t01.

Conversion/Seeded to etree by T. Wiley 8/13/02

EAC: Secure to extract all disks @ 100% quality no errors.
CD WAV: To select tracks.
SHN: Via mkwact(seekable)

Another Installment Of The Music Never Stopped Project!

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0550b417f41ceca4ddab40d67242a4e5 *gd78-11-17d1t01.shn
9cc40f9d13904e35437b47ad63c8f398 *gd78-11-17d1t02.shn
a20eee78d14321eb3d1e63b87fc3cca3 *gd78-11-17d1t03.shn
fe50d965885d5b9b85a8c8f46f41971c *gd78-11-17d1t04.shn
9e7fe67e0bffd6b81211a3c4b283a6f8 *gd78-11-17d1t05.shn
83fb0d5d8d67ef06e5b32a001e2851db *gd78-11-17d1t06.shn
e91608dc96ab38656d06a89acfe6be66 *gd78-11-17d1t07.shn
72dc1ed65958425070c1647805dd287b *gd78-11-17d2t01.shn
ce09d5728a3f9a7b14043177ee0ea86b *gd78-11-17d2t02.shn
92d1e9029426e60f6a731e91304b31af *gd78-11-17d2t03.shn
72e447e0262854dd5824d85b75c979de *gd78-11-17d2t04.shn
0d2865bf39637477a13eee3f1d664f05 *gd78-11-17d2t05.shn
db8d2c598bc80bf24b2384fd25efcb8d [shntool] gd78-11-17d1t01.shn
92e12eb9df17958b2df433fa4a7b0d37 [shntool] gd78-11-17d1t02.shn
630e0f362844c565a58b3317a491158b [shntool] gd78-11-17d1t03.shn
eb79d5cd8765a5805dc15088102208f1 [shntool] gd78-11-17d1t04.shn
a6ddc4d16a0ff10496a4885420ed01a1 [shntool] gd78-11-17d1t05.shn
1fdd2cd60f5f26e5ebc4631606329dc7 [shntool] gd78-11-17d1t06.shn
1a1c026f0184d828249ba23cbc421eb8 [shntool] gd78-11-17d1t07.shn
d8fb91016d22bee4ea57abc22e4820fc [shntool] gd78-11-17d2t01.shn
e23520df4472a35a9020501b5487cb7d [shntool] gd78-11-17d2t02.shn
fb1c4cfd02375c9bd43def44659c4359 [shntool] gd78-11-17d2t03.shn
22f667a1de817ea3b3e98689d5e7736d [shntool] gd78-11-17d2t04.shn
92248824232ff4f752384f8c3d5a8163 [shntool] gd78-11-17d2t05.shn

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09/23/2004 Diana This shn has now been moved to its correct gig.
11/27/2010 gratefuldave78 is there an upgrade possible or can someone post this? thanks
11/28/2010 Wharfrat73 Download it at