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Grateful Dead 06/21/85
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Master Soundboard Cassette > DAT > CDR; via Jack Straw; Seeded to etree by steve barbella 
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Grateful Dead

JUne 21, 1985

Alpine Valley Music Theatre
East Troy, Wisc.

Master Soundboard Cassette > DAT > CDR

Disc 1
~Set 1~
/Cold Rain & Snow
Down on The Bottom >
I Ain?t Superstitious
Stagger Lee
Mama Tried >
Mexicali Blues
Bird Song
Looks Like Rain
~Set 2~
Women Are Smarter >
Goin? Down The Road Feelin? Bad
Estimated Prophet >

Disc 2
Eyes Of The World >
Drumz >
Space >
Truckin? >
Black Peter >
Around & Around >
Sugar Magnolia
It?s All Over Now Baby Blue

- tape flip between Mex and Birdsong

- No fades between discs

- Drop out in Drumz 8:48

- First few seconds of Space are missing due to tape flip

-eac v9.3 secure test and copy with offset's config'd
-cdwave used to neaten up the track markers
-shn via mkw v.97 seek enabled
-sector boundaries checked in shntool. they were fine.

uploaded August '02
steve barbella

Another issue of The Music Never Stopped Project
thanks to Jack Straw for the seeds

Show Checksums
9da7a6bc74993f18344f8e3410e442e3 *gd85-06-21d1t05.shn
e41b007065c9e74e456d4f1ce6f41de1 *gd85-06-21d1t02.shn
77ea6c019b3c2123fbfd02394b1bd84c *gd85-06-21d1t03.shn
964812b3e704ac852425905c5c1c95b2 *gd85-06-21d1t04.shn
4aa3a05c78754eb1f5ab1849c4e1db6d *gd85-06-21d1t01.shn
63894d7a77c91457c10b5fb103a1a655 *gd85-06-21d1t06.shn
9eb1eb6a6c1406a3207e331ee8c0eed6 *gd85-06-21d1t07.shn
5714e6dd2d591281316030777a428f5e *gd85-06-21d1t08.shn
9b1f165923d9ee10d603f925d187ffa0 *gd85-06-21d1t09.shn
66b3840d003d405938ce65462a9fdb90 *gd85-06-21d1t10.shn
91f073fd0b5cee4f803441e4917c63fc *gd85-06-21d1t11.shn
4531fcd57fc0c209ef650acde26db5ba *gd85-06-21d2t03.shn
02c5226617d5debd1df115a0b8ea964e *gd85-06-21d2t02.shn
22f5951a4c0b0353fc317b1cf7f90783 *gd85-06-21d2t01.shn
d245f3473de41bb41e0cc6e7bcfc2d10 *gd85-06-21d2t04.shn
7a6e45fece8809cdc46fc27cc1d2f377 *gd85-06-21d2t05.shn
3fcd0e65908ab2d55e3f6864770ab9b0 *gd85-06-21d2t06.shn
629c3d3225def55ab38f7ca1bed2c531 *gd85-06-21d2t07.shn
8627f0ef9f4f71cc3bc88431d6459829 *gd85-06-21d2t08.shn
1868bb5341284028c535f3440062b2b5 [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t01.shn
c9884436507572640fe52aa4cd87045f [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t02.shn
c93c1bcc8ac5edb8674708ecb78fa47e [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t03.shn
69f45527291d7c42b8ad54c1f4c22ff9 [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t04.shn
91291f49a33d4cf47e9d3f57c553263f [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t05.shn
f073c8298eb820085c456371ebd4f48b [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t06.shn
c22f947ee994dc795445c60019027198 [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t07.shn
14daceadf102fbd3ad5f9cbc9e4871ab [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t08.shn
c5445f8cfce8c34e4d1eade91cc780ad [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t09.shn
f4c44f61d831231a26fed1fa1c0d25e1 [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t10.shn
a4c892e392f1e499c73c8ef6817760aa [shntool] gd85-06-21d1t11.shn
519395be4f4884e9467deea86a78dcb3 [shntool] gd85-06-21d2t01.shn
ffafc73774d5f45e705e39799eca7c55 [shntool] gd85-06-21d2t02.shn
61d61e56122910f7e7f96ecf12f6469f [shntool] gd85-06-21d2t03.shn
1a7cb0efdb6911c930f67f510666bc28 [shntool] gd85-06-21d2t04.shn
f8bfd8298de5ded7be40443d4cbc71a5 [shntool] gd85-06-21d2t05.shn
f43435a9d180e7b4b4d698831805ab39 [shntool] gd85-06-21d2t06.shn
36c5f004eb6e018ed84bb2c572e25ba9 [shntool] gd85-06-21d2t07.shn
314fddfc4aa8be6b879dbea94b7cb910 [shntool] gd85-06-21d2t08.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; MAC; 2... (0) flac16; Matrix by... (0) flac16; Source: 2... (0) flac16; Set 2... (2) flac24; Field: 2x... (0) flac24; Source:... (0)
Date User Comment
11/09/2002 Rob Harrison Day Job (first set closer) is missing.
Channels swap during Around.
Great sound.
06/15/2003 Bill Pretty serious distortion and hiss throughout most of the first set induced by what sounds like Weir's rig. Seems to clear up by the second set, though, and in general, this is a clean sounding source. Anybody else hear this?
02/08/2004 cj Yeah, the distortion from Weir is pretty bad, lasts througout the whole show. Renders this show un-listenable in many spots imo.
04/17/2004 H there is about 2 seconds of overlaping music between estimated > eyes. also agree distortion makes the first set tough to listen too.
04/18/2004 Bzl You can move the Estimated to the beginning of an 80 minute disc2 and edit out the overlapping 2 seconds, thus getting rid of that awful cut.