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Derek Trucks Band 07/15/09
ABC 2, Glasgow, Scotland
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
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Source Summary Aud->SP CMC-8s+AT-P12106 h-c caps->SPSB-6S(r/o:0)-> Edirol R09(16bit 44.1Khz, gain +16) 
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The Derek Trucks Band

Scotland UK

17th July 2009

Derek Trucks : Guitars
Kofi Burbridge : Keyboards, Flute & Vocals
Todd Smallie : Bass & Vocals
Yonrico Scott : Drums & Vocals
Mike Mattison : Lead Vocals
Count M'Butu : Congas, Percussion and Vocals

This was the first time I'd heard Derek Trucks play; he was a revelation and I can't wait to see the band again. His wonderful playing ranged all the way through blues, jazz, latin and soul, backed by an excellent band who and enhance the music wherever Derek leads.  
The venue was a small club, a big difference from the usual arenas this band normally play in the US and mainland Europe.
The whole set was a total treat which I won't forget any time soon.
They were called back for two encores by a cheering, shouting, stamping mass of Glaswegians; it was the first time I saw Derek Trucks smile, when he came back on stage :-)
Derek was the only person on stage who doesn't sing - his voice can be heard introducing the band.

The most recent album (Jan 2009) "Already Free" is out now everywhere.
There is also a live DVD version of his album "Songlines"; both are on

Cd A 57 min 28 sec

01 Down in the Flood
02 Down Don't Bother Me
03 Soul Serenade
04 band intros/thanks
05 I'll Find My Way
06 Gonna Move
07 Get What you Deserve
08 Mahjoun
09 Sweet Inspiration

Cd B 60 min 35 sec

01 Crow Jane
02 Get Out My Life Woman
03 Greensleeves
04 Key To The Highway
05 We're a Winner (Moving on Up)
06 Meet Me at The Bottom

For tour info, music and merch check out:

** Please note : I will be upping this show to the Live Music Archive soon.**

Aud->SP CMC-8s+AT-P12106 h-c caps->SPSB-6S(r/o:0)->
Edirol R09(16bit 44.1Khz, gain +16)
USB transfer to pc->Nero Wave Editor(volume balancing, volume boosting, editing[applause fades in/out]) ->CDWave(split)->Flac sector 8, sector boundaries aligned.

Recorded, mastered and upped by Evangeline.
Support : James Brown is Annie

Never sell or auction any live recording.
Derek Trucks allows audience taping, under the above conditions.
Share freely in lossless formats only.

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