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Phish 08/05/11
The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
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Source # 115538 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP , 16bit-FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size Compressed: 891.28 MB (934574720 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; (FOB) Neumann Ak 40's > Lc3 > Km100 > Aerco Mp2 > Sound Devices 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (Resample, Uv22 Hr dither) > CD Wave > TLH > 16/44 FLAC; Taped & Transferred by gotfob 
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Gorge Amphitheatre
Geroge, Wa

*Brought To You By gotfob*

FOB/DFC> Neumann Ak 40's(NOS) > Lc3 >
Km100 > Aerco Mp2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 > Resample, Uv22 Hr dither >
Cd Wave > TLH > 16/44 FLAC

Set I -> Shure Fatty Windscreens
Set II-> DPA Small windscreens

Set I
t01. Kill Devil Falls
t02. The Wedge
t03. bathtub Gin
t04. Nellie Cane
t05. My Friend, My Friend
t06. Cavern
t07. Taste
t08. Roggae
t09. Walk Away
t10. Funky Bitch
t11. Roses Are Free >
t12. David Bowie

Set II
t01. Backwards Down The Number Line
t02. Rock & Roll >
t03. Gorge Jam >
t04. Meatstick >
t05. Boogie On A Reggae Woman >
t06. Farmhouse
t07. Show Of Life
t08. Julius
t09. CCharacter Zero
t10. Lovin Cup
Show Checksums
ph2011-08-05 d1t01.flac:d96bf8c81b504bad22af320d51f488c9
ph2011-08-05 d1t02.flac:ef3f6f4b116894765e2fc7f5ca914771
ph2011-08-05 d1t03.flac:6979ed48fabe0309bb86b7ac8648855b
ph2011-08-05 d1t04.flac:1ad049a71623d8db34230d172b719bb7
ph2011-08-05 d1t05.flac:368a73e73672c1ce9ed20f9c8e33f615
ph2011-08-05 d1t06.flac:ab5ddce34ad93e25ba90e7801e2ccc62
ph2011-08-05 d1t07.flac:e99f3f358162a5552ab5fbf965c432a9
ph2011-08-05 d1t08.flac:a112c64210572f2a723abaaa2fd0037f
ph2011-08-05 d1t09.flac:faa3b1e5331ad2df577692494a15d5bf
ph2011-08-05 d1t10.flac:2cabc728c07124cc250ded0c4ab6cd96
ph2011-08-05 d1t11.flac:bfd02cf96c617336ce5386764d5bf431
ph2011-08-05 d1t12.flac:cb9d189288a4aa3974f9ed6f18e0a31d
ph2011-08-05 d2t01.flac:5811ec8f3f895d5fe817732f2e85ae1c
ph2011-08-05 d2t02.flac:f3bb9d97fc401120150a8e9fbababe13
ph2011-08-05 d2t03.flac:5daa8d1e954191340f22eef0bce496f0
ph2011-08-05 d2t04.flac:278fd0f5e3c08ef477a2ccc5e229295e
ph2011-08-05 d2t05.flac:fe4ab0940c8b84b660a9a797ccc19d9d
ph2011-08-05 d2t06.flac:3e1957f4f42bf8dd5bf0e1a3de5f424d
ph2011-08-05 d2t07.flac:77dca92fc2ea0df9a7404863e52c8f8f
ph2011-08-05 d2t08.flac:9bf11dd4524401d4284a515cc690a285
ph2011-08-05 d2t09.flac:437366920eaae28442732162e727c8b5
ph2011-08-05 d2t10.flac:5d8178dc4456ca277c1b1d6b20a288c5
9f67cada10a42a4dfdac3278830cde73 *ph2011-08-05 d1t01.flac
58fcde5aae45c1cc8ac8e71698b0a66e *ph2011-08-05 d1t02.flac
f3f824213efc815c21eb3cacb08994ca *ph2011-08-05 d1t03.flac
6f7e01c0774295ad6cda73be3fdf33e9 *ph2011-08-05 d1t04.flac
caa762a933ac618006d6c246b2f83fa6 *ph2011-08-05 d1t05.flac
bb27867571fef42bf100830c03595826 *ph2011-08-05 d1t06.flac
66b68b502adba78b42c19cef7dbf6f42 *ph2011-08-05 d1t07.flac
64f622fe51a9fc0354743646f20ebd49 *ph2011-08-05 d1t08.flac
0063e770c23ec9ce7e879f904255ed77 *ph2011-08-05 d1t09.flac
381d0d45a639bcc636dd416c1191615e *ph2011-08-05 d1t10.flac
cca9fdc122daf8961cd79db23edcf74e *ph2011-08-05 d1t11.flac
22d3dd94402f7b32c54564ccb55ee325 *ph2011-08-05 d1t12.flac
429a03739e0c0b2987aa0a4608340654 *ph2011-08-05 d2t01.flac
3234e1145a0e6dca5d423dc33164df45 *ph2011-08-05 d2t02.flac
4284aef1068c91aeb8e9c124cb3f239f *ph2011-08-05 d2t03.flac
5b90e479d9b7bef0022ecc86ef32d61a *ph2011-08-05 d2t04.flac
68866a2b66f0eb63253e4e17d9c2c37e *ph2011-08-05 d2t05.flac
58115bc0472c5cd10b3727ccfe959c69 *ph2011-08-05 d2t06.flac
e21f68ec31cb7651da15fc49283345ce *ph2011-08-05 d2t07.flac
1700745d3c9c7af2e28893e8ffc5905c *ph2011-08-05 d2t08.flac
d91aea8845c2aa5107176cd182d49e7d *ph2011-08-05 d2t09.flac
2baa11990f7d1cfa523b35122c1e4e65 *ph2011-08-05 d2t10.flac

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