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Phish 08/09/11
Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys, Stateline, NV
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Source # 115584 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP , 16bit-FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 838.3 MB (879024969 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; (FOB) Neumann AK 40's > LC3 > KM 100 > Aerco MP2 > Sound Devices 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (Resample, UV 22HR Dither) > Cd Wave > TLH > 16/44 FLAC; Taped & Transferred by gotfob 
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Harvey's Outdoor Arena
Stateline, Nv

*Brought To You By gotfob*

FOB/DFC 60' Back> Neumann AK 40's (NOS) >
LC3 > KM 100 > Aerco MP2 > SD 702 @ 24/48

Transfer: Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 > Resample, UV 22HR Dither >
Added +3.5 db For Set I > Cd Wave > TLH > 16/44 FLAC

Set I
t01. Party Time
t02. Oh Kee Pah >
t03. AC/Dc Bag
t04. Mellow Mood
t05. Rift
t06. Punch You In The Eye
t07. Meat
t08. David Bowie
t09. Bouncin'
t10. Horn
t11. Water In The Sky
t12. 46 Days

Set II
t01. Gotta Jibbo
t02. Light >
t03. Chalk Dust Torture
t04. Slave To The Traffic Light >
t05. Free >
t06. Rocket Man *
t07. Harry Hood >
t08. Walls Of The Cave
t09. Bug
t10. The Squirming Coil

* Elton John Song, 1st Time Played

Show Checksums
ph2011-08-09 d1t01.flac:628743f4e47d0b7bbe9fc3d18291e231
ph2011-08-09 d1t02.flac:edf27d43f366ba6e006baf34b7b5f915
ph2011-08-09 d1t03.flac:3bacb2c9fa791e5f00875f44bd779f07
ph2011-08-09 d1t04.flac:bdca8a1470e35e007b22dd32bafd81fe
ph2011-08-09 d1t05.flac:e4f026d00192a33879754d226b29a498
ph2011-08-09 d1t06.flac:98ad9e5c52482d237edeacfc501378b3
ph2011-08-09 d1t07.flac:a79e1c89b09da4649d8cf5c61aca9c9e
ph2011-08-09 d1t08.flac:6d9fc647c6fb079a20329394d4d33c3d
ph2011-08-09 d1t09.flac:4bd7bfeae8dd53dbb1e3a3da1fd55dca
ph2011-08-09 d1t10.flac:dae4c62c7a916e9bf25fb7830c7dd9c0
ph2011-08-09 d1t11.flac:68823903440df2d5162dbe3183ed63c6
ph2011-08-09 d1t12.flac:1679affffb444ef0b1f61ba12814f43f
ph2011-08-09 d2t01.flac:f141967620b24191335379af76551b75
ph2011-08-09 d2t02.flac:1c6a63b467e4eda985a9838d592b48ac
ph2011-08-09 d2t03.flac:621cf9e1ab479f9c8ddfe9c03431f3e7
ph2011-08-09 d2t04.flac:f595a6fe9936436a54ba3ca6af24b700
ph2011-08-09 d2t05.flac:74755db29949852a9d7c99d9f4e81dfc
ph2011-08-09 d2t06.flac:07092b289f5d63fcbbe8f975d4fa0176
ph2011-08-09 d2t07.flac:44699707f7f8c8aa73f88008b6f770a5
ph2011-08-09 d2t08.flac:bba449122786e21cbee2f6bb102764a3
ph2011-08-09 d2t09.flac:0551cada9b3d41d522238047256cc901
ph2011-08-09 d2t10.flac:76f1dced9dd07c0a52140a141cc09936
39e475b174ef45c70b54e6084d8c7ccc *ph2011-08-09 d1t01.flac
cab56a26be84ed322c0c012be5e1c48e *ph2011-08-09 d1t02.flac
349a2f4fc5f825183d3d43db6bbe6d9b *ph2011-08-09 d1t03.flac
6b3c5730285190fecf45e339aabe03b4 *ph2011-08-09 d1t04.flac
3ca9f552b3cb3defcdbcb8b57660968f *ph2011-08-09 d1t05.flac
de5777d5561d090f675d20360020ee96 *ph2011-08-09 d1t06.flac
5d8b260bd9de51cecf5c060d4e6e1145 *ph2011-08-09 d1t07.flac
b2198554d47f3a5bd9e97580ce817d57 *ph2011-08-09 d1t08.flac
b57ef6850d6143df4c4fe3110167b43b *ph2011-08-09 d1t09.flac
e7d1f1d48aa0f812911cb73031f6f95b *ph2011-08-09 d1t10.flac
b7cfdb3a7d5bb6b4a8b4bba33f0cde89 *ph2011-08-09 d1t11.flac
662ebcb07c54b7fcbb950d1214c4ed5b *ph2011-08-09 d1t12.flac
f1dc618eea16eb8764ab5102ce24be59 *ph2011-08-09 d2t01.flac
8c9a521be135214976ca4aae7d621cda *ph2011-08-09 d2t02.flac
2b58e71f45c4b9ef8e1b3df887842930 *ph2011-08-09 d2t03.flac
d3d647a89c62a1f781bd4aa1090f7ff0 *ph2011-08-09 d2t04.flac
f7fcbfa502fd73781aaced86ad4d8788 *ph2011-08-09 d2t05.flac
f1bb49139586d26e825b2b5141a408c7 *ph2011-08-09 d2t06.flac
e9f8c09188126e5618a543cc9ceec93e *ph2011-08-09 d2t07.flac
a5abb7f87f00524f910631c0216e5258 *ph2011-08-09 d2t08.flac
bb524fdc3658aa96ca1668c793b4931a *ph2011-08-09 d2t09.flac
b0fdcb88325627268c3b08d0563d47c0 *ph2011-08-09 d2t10.flac

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